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A New Video Course, Quotes Tab and Geographical Expansion

Breaking the rule

We continue to tell you about the Olymp Trade platform innovations in July 2018. In this issue, you will learn about simple things that can save your time, new video tutorials from our experts and other interesting updates.

We want to begin the review of our new products of July with a terrific event that happened not in July. We thought it would be right to tell you about the first official Olymp Trade Community Version application for personal computers straight away, without any formalities.

The application was released on August 2 for two popular OSes at once: macOS and Windows. Olymp Trade Community Version will help you save the computer power and make your trading more comfortable. You will not find any dramatic changes in the app, but we guarantee the interface and the functionality you are used to!

And the most important thing us that using the Olymp Trade desktop application one can access the platform even from those countries where the domain is blocked.

Download the application:

New languages

The interface localization for Arabic and Hindi-speaking users was officially ended in July. Now Olymp Trade functionality is available in 12 languages.

The quotes are always close

We met one of the most frequent traders’ requests and added the asset quotes to the web browser tab. Now our users will be able to monitor the process of trading a particular asset, even while visiting another Internet resource.

Despite the simplicity of the innovation, such a demonstration of quotes will help the trader save a lot of time:

1. Determine the desired price level (levels) of the asset.

2. Write down the information on a piece of paper.

3. Go about your business, and take a look at the quotes in the tab occasionally.

4. Return to the platform when the asset price has reached the desired level.

5. Follow your plan and trade.

Continuous improvement

Olymp Trade analysts have prepared several interesting updates for the video tutorial section.

Traders can watch a new training course, which is called “How not to lose money.” It is fully dedicated to effective money management in trading. Every lesson of this worthwhile course is really valuable.

The list of base videos has also been expanded. If you have never heard of the requests for trades or the compensation system of losses, it’s time you found out more about them.

Android Update

In this version for Android devices, we fixed the bugs connected with the display of historical quotes in the user’s profile. Therefore, we remind you again that traders need to update the latest version of the app on Google Play.

Be careful: download only official software with the Olymp Trade brand name.

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