5 simple exercises to boost your energy for the whole day

Have you ever thought about how much information you get on a daily basis? News, social networks, messengers, letters, advertising … And this is not a complete range of what takes our attention during the day, or even 24 hours.

A modern man has surrounded himself with sources of information (or have those sources surrounded the man?). Thanks to them, we learn about best car deals, or about who has became the new leader of Cuba. We feel better when we receive information.

But this situation has a negative side: chronic sleep debt and emotional jumping have become a modern man’s satellites. Information destabilizes our state, so we sleep a little and therefore lose concentration.

What to do if the rhythm of life requires total efficiency, and your pillow is all you can think about? A smart warm-up of the body and brain will help you become more active and overcome the difficulties of the working day. Here are 5 effective exercises that almost everyone can do.


Exercise #1: awakening the senses

Your desire to go back to bed will be weaker if you do something special in the morning. It is a good idea to escape the comfort zone and activate your senses.

Try to take a contrast shower in the dark listening to invigorating music. Water and good music will activate you.


Exercise #2: warming up

One can’t duck this way of waking up. However, doing exercises you used to do at school PE lessons is too boring.

Try something trendy like yoga or pilates. You can find information about the main moves of these fashionable activities on the Internet.


Exercise #3: surprising ourselves

Remember the same things you do daily. If you want to feel much better, make every day different. Maybe you should leave for work a little early and have a coffee at a pleasant place with a good view?

Changing routes is another proven option. If you drive a car to work, why not try public transport?

As for the active users of public transport, a stroll can be your way out. You will agree that walking one block on foot is quite possible.


Exercise #4: using technologies

Download intellectual games to your smartphone. Try to play “Scrabble”, “Who wants to be a millionaire?” or solve some logical problems. There are a lot of interesting applications that can awaken your mind.

Taking psychological tests is another interesting option. You will have to recall a lot to learn more about yourself.


Exercise #5: having a chat

Communication with relatives, as well as with any nice and interesting people will give you the necessary energy. Discuss the news, ask about the plans for the weekend.

10-15 minutes of time that you will spend on doing these exercises will do no harm to your professional activities. On the contrary, the energy boost will make your day positive and productive.

Thanks to such exercises, we can get a “credit” of energy on difficult days. Nature has foreseen that we will not always manage to have 8 hours of sleep. But do not abuse it, try to get enough sleep and stay in good shape.

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