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Auto-update, New Trading Mode and up to 100% Yield

A new release of Olymp Trade Android App is now available on Google Play

Thirty years ago, the trading process in financial markets looked like the work at an oriental bazaar. A broker was given a signal to open a transaction by either a loud call or a gesture. If possible, a trader managed to write a deal order.

We are lucky to access the trading platform not only via our computers. Smartphones or tablets have enough power to execute your orders.

However, the use of trading software requires a greater level of responsibility. It’s not about downloading the application.

Firstly, you must observe the rules of digital “hygiene” in order not to put your trading account at the risk of hacking. Secondly, you should regularly update the application you are using. 

Olymp Trade developers make the users’ desires come true. Every release is aimed at solving important trading tasks:

  1. We are constantly improving the technology of data transmission to optimize the process of the realization of your investment ideas;
  2. We are increasing the security of the application in order to create a protective “fortress” for your personal data;
  3. We introduce new services and improve the ones that already exist. The latest version of the application has an auto-update option, which guarantees that you will be the first to know what’s new on the platform;
  4. We create a user-friendly interface based on the users’ needs to make work in financial markets understandable and convenient for everyone.

A recent update has introduced a new tool, which can yield a 100% return from the transaction! This trading mode will help you adjust the financial component of the trading strategy. If a trader is sure that the trend would last he can expect a higher gain. 

To learn more, update the app on Google Play and enjoy!

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