Beware of Scammers — A Guide for Olymp Trade Clients

Don’t be Their Next Victim by Following These Easy Rules

Send me your money and I will make your RICH! Perhaps you have seen some of these types of claims on Twitter, FB, and other social media. Beware! Scammers are everywhere online these days and unfortunately many of them are targeting potential investors and Olymp Trade clients.

Fortunately, Olymp Trade has your back and is working to keep you and YOUR money safe from these vultures that offer riches and rewards for next to nothing.

If you want to know how these scammers operate and how to avoid losing your money, read on as we point out some of these charlatans and give you some easy guidelines to follow to protect you on your way to reaching your financial goals.

Let’s start with some basic rules regarding what you will want to avoid and then move on to showing you the scammers themselves.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


Rules to Follow to Avoid Being Scammed

1. Never give your money to individuals that you don’t know personally. Even then, you should be careful. Real trading is done with a verifiable account and not through Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

2. Don’t allow people to “invest” your money for you. If the investment is legitimate, then you should still be in control of your money.

3. Beware of claims of incredible returns for small investments. It is true that you can make good profits trading online especially with Olymp Trade, but it still requires patience and diligence. There are no true “get rich quick” programs out there.

4. Never give your trading account information to anyone so they can “trade for you”. Getting trading tips and signals is one thing, but giving access to your full account to someone else is foolish (and also against Olymp Trade’s rules).

Red Flags — If you see these types of phrases or comments from someone asking for your investment, you should probably turn around and run (or delete the message on your phone):

  • Double Your Money
  • No risk, Profits with no risk, etc.
  • Free money, Free giveaway
  • Guaranteed returns


How Olymp Trade Protects You

  1. Every Olymp Trade client has their own personal account.

Olymp Trade requires each of their clients to have an account. Third parties are not allowed to maintain an account in order to protect clients and the Olymp Trade brand from fraud and scams.

  1. Deposits and withdrawals to Olymp Trade accounts can only be done by the client.

Olymp Trade employs a number of protections for clients such as following Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and matching deposit/withdrawal sources to the actual account. These security measures protect both the client and the company against scammers.

  1. Account Confidentiality.

Olymp Trade staff, managers, and official affiliates will never ask for access to your account to make trades or transactions nor will they require you to give them money directly so they can deposit it into your account.


If anyone claiming to be a representative of Olymp Trade asks you to send them money directly and not to deposit it into your account yourself, STOP and contact Olymp Trade customer service immediately. You can email them at or contact them directly on the trading platform.


How Scammers Operate and What to Look For

To help you identify potential scammers, we have provided you some examples of people that are already out there stealing people’s money. These are just a few of the culprits so be sure to keep an eye out for others as they exist in nearly every region of the world and are attempting to use Olymp Trade and you to fill their own pockets full of cash.


  1. Miss Sharon Olympic Trade

Miss Sharon” is a classic example of an investment scammer. She encourages people to send her their money so she can invest it for them. She lists the Olymp Trade website in her profile, using the brand image, and even includes the word “Olympic” in her profile name.

Miss Sharon” also claims to be a “business expert” and offers you to triple your money from 10k to 30k but only double your money from 20k to 40k. Clearly, “Miss Sharon” isn’t good at math and this or anything else she’s offering should be avoided.

It is likely that “Miss Sharon” (or any of the scammers listed below) isn’t a real person. Using the image of a “smart”, young, businesswoman is one way scammers try to appeal to potential victims. Afterall, she has a great smile, let’s send her our money – not!.


  1. Mrs mabel olymptrade

Mrs Mabel” also uses the Olymp Trade brand to help promote her scam. She has included it in her Twitter profile and mentions Olymp Trade repeatedly in her posts.

She uses stolen images from online photo galleries depicting people in various “business” poses and actual marketing materials from Olymp Trade that have been photoshopped (badly) to promote her message.

She uses the “fear of loss” method often with phrases like “you only have a couple more days to invest” in the hopes that her victims will make irrational and impulsive investment decisions or risk losing out.

Mrs Mabel’s” profile is that of a middle-aged motherly figure because the scammers know that people trust women more than men and they trust mothers the most. Don’t be fooled – Mrs Mabel isn’t baking cookies in the evening for the neighbor kids. She’s stealing people’s money.


  1. Mercy

“Mercy” uses a slightly different approach in scamming people. “She” appears as an ordinary person just like everyone else, but that she stumbled upon a great “opportunity” and just has to share it on social media.

She uses the Olymp Trade brand throughout her posts to add legitimacy to her claims as well as letting you know clearly that giving her money is no scam. Afterall, she has “No Scam Alert” right on her Twitter profile. Surely she can be trusted, right?

Here’s a hint: if you have to tell people it isn’t a scam, it’s because you lack information that SHOWS people that it isn’t a scam. “Mercy” claims to be able to teach you “how to make money” and “trade with profit and no loss”, but none of her posts actually do either. Instead, she just tells you to send her money.

If you want to learn how to invest, we strongly recommend using the vast amounts of free resources available on the Olymp Trade platform where you can open a free account with $10,000 in virtual funds to practice. This is truly no risk, unlike “Mercy’s” offer.


  1. Mrs Joy Olymptrade

“Mrs Joy” is one of the two most despicable scammers, which we have saved for last. “She” also uses the Olymp Trade brand extensively in her offers to help people get rich. Additionally, her Twitter profile features many of the same claims as others such as “no scam” and “profit with no lost” (apparently Mrs Joy isn’t much of a spelling genius).

What is most troubling about “Mrs Joy” is that she specifically appeals to women to send her money while claiming to be a married, professional, mother who can help other women achieve the same level of financial independence.

Stealing money from struggling mothers is about as deplorable as scams can get. There is undoubtedly a need to help moms everywhere to secure their finances, but we strongly suggest they try trading instead of blindly giving their money to scammers like “Mrs Joy”.



Our last example and perhaps the most egregious of all the scam offenders passes himself off as a true believer of his faith and attempts to use spirituality as a pretext for stealing people’s money.

There are few things we can think of that are worse than using a person’s religious faith in order to take their money, but Abubakar is not bothered by such things and depending on your particular faith, there are appropriate places for him in the afterlife.

Abubakar uses a variety of different ploys to get people to send him their money including Olymp Trade and even insurance companies. He promises a divine blessing in return for your support adding further insult to injury in the process.

We strongly encourage people of faith to consult their local religious leaders on matters such as investing based on divine encouragement. While the Olymp Trade platform conforms to nearly all religious criteria for investments, we believe your faith is better placed in your local church/mosque/temple than with people like Abubakar.


Be Aware, Invest Smart, & Don’t Be a Victim of Scammers

You are now armed with some ways to spot scammers and scams and were also able to see some real scammers in action. Use your knowledge to save yourself from mistakes and help those people around you to do the same.

Keep in mind that the people portrayed in these accounts are very likely not real people, but inventions of someone else. The real people in these photos may not even know that their image is being used for scamming others.

Most importantly, rely on yourself to invest properly and make profits. Olymp Trade is here to help you along the way with all the resources you need and none of the “get rich quick” hype.

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