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Black Friday Cup

The Black Friday Cup with Lucky Spin and Guaranteed Rewards Has Just Begun!

Today, Olymp Trade has launched the Black Friday Cup with tons of prize opportunities offered to traders in the Lucky Spin.

The Black Friday Cup is a seven-day tournament that offers the Lucky Spin, the daily and overall leaderboards, and the leagues to join with. Among those, the Lucky Spin is the most engaging part. Traders can spin it once every day and more to get guaranteed rewards. These include the possibility to win a cash prize of up to $1,000 every time out of the total Lucky Spin cash prize fund of $200,000.

Join the Black Friday Cup, you’ll enjoy it! In the meantime, below are a few details about it to tease you.


The Features You Can Benefit From

Seven Days, Immense Fund

Black Friday Cup takes place November 22-28. That means a whole week of opportunities to use.

The total cash prize fund of the Black Friday Cup is $300,000. Out of that, $200,000 is dedicated to the Lucky Spin cash prizes and $100,000 to the tournament cash rewards. Everyone can have a share of that.


The Lucky Spin

The Lucky Spin offers cash prizes of $50, $200, and $1,000.

On top of that, there are extra spins, Deposit Bonuses, risk-free trades, Advanced and Expert status discounts, and XP points to win.

Every trader with at least one deposit can spin the wheel once every 24 hours to win a guaranteed reward from the above. Apart from winning an extra spin as a Lucky Spin reward, traders can get more spins completing the tournament tasks and moving along the Trader’s Way.



Two Leaderboards, Three Leagues

The tournament has a daily leaderboard and a final leaderboard. Getting to the Top-50 of each will grant great rewards.

Also, traders can join the tournament through one of the three leagues. The higher the league, the better the prizes may be.

The leagues correspond to their statuses. Starter is League 1, Advanced is League 2, and Expert is League 3. With that, Advanced and Expert are free to choose League 1 if they wish to do so.


Higher Profitability

As an extra feature, one of the trading instruments will have an 85% profitability on November 26. Curious to know which one it will be? Follow the platform news to grab the maximum profit potential of the event!


An Event for Everyone

Experienced traders who participated in the previous tournaments can use their skills to win prizes more easily this time.

Those who haven’t used such an opportunity before are welcome to join now and expand the benefits from the platform far beyond the profits of their regular trade.

Those who are training on the demo account will have an excellent chance to share the spirit of competition and winning and feel the flavor of the real rewards.

Still thinking? Join the tournament, spin, and win!

You might be interested to see the winners of the Silver Bull Tournament last February. Just look at how happy they are!

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