Camels, Horses, Gold, & Stocks

Sports are a source of entertainment, income through investment, and status

Competition and innovation have gone hand in hand in the UAE and its neighboring countries. The Middle East is rich with history, tradition, and entrepreneurial spirit which has bred exotic sports and competitive culture. Camel Racing, Horse Racing, & Falconry are all traditional sports of the region.

Sports are a source of entertainment, income through investment, and status. As the area grew, traded, and developed advancements were made to traditional sports and new events were introduced. Change is welcome, and a new era of sport has been ushered in, along with new investments.

Stagnation is not what has led the region to where it is now, embracing change and the integration of new technologies has. Take the sport of Camel racing for example, once on the verge of irrelevance and now robots have revitalized the sport. Change is inevitable.

Competition is a historical element of the region dating back to the first Camel races put on by the Bedouins. In the recent past, traditional sports have seen a resurgence in popularity alongside the growth of new sports like Golf, Cricket, Cycling, and even Monster Trucks. The ability to adapt new forms of competition and entertainment has been wonderful for opening the region up to the world. The UAE hosts over 400 international sporting events annually including The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, The Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships, The Silver Cup, and Standard Chartered Gold Cup.

For the ultra-wealthy, sports teams can be a sound and profitable investment as well as entertainment, however, not everyone can afford to enter a horse into the races. Luckily there are less extravagant ways for people to grow their money. Trading stocks, commodities, and indexes are a way to invest with huge profit potential without risking millions.

Through the Olymp Trade platform, traders can enter the market through Fixed Time or forex trading. With 72 assets to choose from, there is something for everyone. Stocks, commodities (Gold, Oil, Copper, etc.), indices (S&P 500, CAC 40, DAX, etc.) can all be traded in one place. Trading is more thrilling than most spectator sports, largely because you are in the action.

It may take years of training, discipline, and sacrifice to become a world-class athlete. Trading is different, though it does require training and discipline, sacrifice is not. New traders are able to learn everything they need to become a successful trader through Olymp Trade’s Educational suite.

New and old traders alike use the Olymp Trade educational material to learn and practice their new knowledge or strategy with their free demo account.

There are monthly platform contests and competitions that bring the action to you. Build your own traditions around competition and investment. Olymp Trade is the perfect platform to open up the world of trading for you.

Camel racing, gold, and Cricket can all be sound investments, though gold is the only truly attainable asset of the three. Watching camels run and Cricket bats swing makes for great entertainment, but you are removed from the action. Olymp Trade brings the excitement right to your fingertips.

Start trading today!

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