Smoking and Trading: Compatible or not?

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World No Tobacco Day was observed around the world on May 31. In fact, this day relates to a quarter of the world’s population: today more than 1,3 billion people are addicted to smoking.

The participants of the agreement of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control state that 5 million of people die from diseases caused by this habit every year.

It is easy to calculate that this is almost 14,000 people a day. Or 570 people per hour.

Every man for himself

Manipulative advertising tools, which have been spreading with no restrictions for decades, created a cigarette “steamroller,” which goes over the lives of millions of people, regardless of the race, religion and personal qualities of a smoker.

It seems to be impossible to stop it jointly. International organizations are trying to bring pressure to bear on tobacco manufacturers, but the user almost does not feel the result of their work.

Each of us can say “no” to smoking individually and start a new life, where there will be no smell from the mouth, no bad cough, no breathlessness after the slightest physical exercise. And this material is prepared specifically for those who want to put an end to the addiction.

The only thing we need to remember is that there is no miracle cure or a magic pill. However, you do not need it.

Turn on your inner trader mode

Do you consider yourself a trader? Then the concepts of “trading psychology” and “discipline” should ring a bell with you. In some way or another, you work on yourself and strive to achieve more.

The strength of character allows you to carry out transactions, think them over, fix the results and trade again. A weak person is not capable of such a way of life.

Everyone has a right to make a mistake, but those mistakes can be corrected. Let’s draw a parallel: the analysis of a losing trade will prevent future repetitions of such an outcome. Is one deal enough to work out a 100% strategy?

Of course not. To achieve the result, you need to do something again and again. This principle applies to all spheres of life.

Quit smoking constantly, at least for 1 hour, one working day or a weekend. Train yourself not to smoke.

Break the smoker’s program

Let us remember another situation: you have carried out a series of unprofitable transactions. You get frustrated and curse your trading strategy, the market, the asset, other traders; you complain that you have been distracted and so on …

Instead of solving the problem and accepting the correct algorithm of actions, you can just stop trading and go to smoke. Is it a right thing to do? Definitely not! What is so complicated about this situation? It is the wrong algorithm.

You don’t need the habitual smoke breaks at the drop of a hat: after lunch, in the car on the way to work, before you get down to business after the task was completed.

Stop encouraging yourself with smoke. Reward yourself with something more valuable.

Simplify your life

Things are much more difficult for a smoking trader than for someone who has not got into the nicotinic trap. He has to spend money, as well as time, which is an even more precious resource. Imagine that every year a tobacco addict smokes for about 20 days.

Breaks seem to be a matter of minutes, but even a short period for a person who works in financial markets can cost too much.

Even if you get distracted for just a minute, the asset chart can start moving towards the expected direction, but without your participation. This can result in an unopened transaction and lost profit.

Professional attitude to the work process is the key to a trader’s success. You can not ask the EURUSD currency pair for a break. It will keep on moving while you will be worshipping the tobacco god.

So it’s high time you got rid of the dead weight. Try not to play against yourself in life or trading.

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