Expert on Special Terms

Special offer

The Olymp Trade VIP Department announces lucrative discounts especially for the most careful readers:


10% off Expert status

You will get all the benefits, including risk-free trades worth $90 (€90) after you deposit your account with $1800 (€1800).


40% off a 72 hour test drive of the benefits

Our clients usually get this service package when topping up their accounts with $500 (€500), but you can benefit from this offer after you make a deposit of $300 (€300). For 72 hours, you will get access to trading with increased profitability, unique trading strategies, risk-free trades, and professional guidance.


How do I use the discount?

  1. Request a call back from your Expert counselor via our support team or email to
  2. Our company representative will contact you and enable the privileges after you deposit your account.


3 Expert perks to make your trading better

Expert status is a set of tools designed to improve your performance daily. By using these privileges when trading, you will enhance your skills on a number of fronts:

  • Trading—you will stay in touch with a personal analyst who will tell you everything you need to know about trading.
  • Financial benefits—increased return on trades, faster funds withdrawal, and risk-free trades.
  • Experience exchange—you will join the Expert trading club and watch the top experts of the company trading in real time.
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