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Cashback with Olymp Trade

Today, we answer the essential questions about Olymp Trade cashback and how to receive it.


What is cashback?

Cashback is a refund of part of your trading week result.

How much cashback will I get?

Traders who have reached Advanced status receive 5% of weekly losses back to their account. Expert status allows you to get 10% cashback. The maximum amount possible to receive is 3,000 USD.

When will I receive my cashback?

Cashback on the trades made during the week will be credited on Monday of the following week. This way, if you trade from Monday to Sunday, you will receive your cashback for those seven days on the following Monday.

How is the amount of cashback calculated?

The financial results of all profitable trades are subtracted from the financial results of all losing trades. This amount is multiplied by the percentage of cashback.

Example: if the weekly result of losing trades is 200 USD, the weekly result of profitable trades is 100 USD, and your status is Expert, you will receive 10 USD cashback.

(200 USD - 100 USD) * 10% = 100 USD * 10% = 10 USD

What trades are subject to cashback?

Cashback is credited on losing trades opened with real money but not bonuses.

What types of trading mechanics are subject to cashback?

Cashback is credited on trades in FTT and closed Forex trades.

Who is eligible for cashback?

Cashback is available to traders who received an announcement email about the promo. There will be much more helpful information in our coming newsletters. Don’t miss them!