Your future is the key to success in the present

It is ok to live by the principle “here and now”. One can find fascination in every minute. But sometimes it’s hard to say not only what will happen to us in a month or a year, but what things can happen tomorrow.

One should remember about one’s future while living happily at the moment. Make thoughts about future a part of your way of life in order to achieve your goals in 5 or 10 years’ time.


Spirit of moving forward

“Letters to the past” are gaining popularity these days, the ones people would have sent to their younger selves. The authors recall the brightest moments, remember the mistakes and misconceptions of youth, give advice and encourage those who they used to be.

Having addressed your eighteen-year-old self, you can return to your present self, remember your real interests and try to start all over again. However, if you are already confident in your path and are following it steadily, not the connection with the past, but the idea of your future will be your best assistant.

By the way, what if you try to live as if the future has already come? You are developing the facilities of your mind, doing simple things and just following your dream. Will you try it?


Begin with a letter to your future self

Sit down at the table in the evening. Open a new notebook or take a blank sheet of paper and start writing to your future self. Share your plans, your dreams, and worries and set the timing.

“… I understand that much of what has been planned will remain only on paper, but in my messages, there will necessarily be an idea that I will benefit from in the future …”

Do not limit yourself in the first letter. You should get as close to the mental picture of your future as possible. It is likely that you will find your own way at the very beginning and will start following it.


Face the music and plan

Keep on evolving, learn new things and materialize ideas. Put down the results. If success and welfare are the most important things for you, then they should be the key topics of your future messages.

Try to report to your future about the work that has been done as often as possible. Remember that the probability of success is higher for those who are not afraid of obstacles and look at the world with their eyes wide open.

“… I found the idea of ​​trading in financial markets very interesting. The first methods of analyzing prices have already produced results …”


Don’t hurry to correct your plans

Reread your thoughts now and then, but try not to make fundamental changes in them. Once your plans have been expressed on paper, just try to make a reality of them.

Nevertheless, it happens that in the evening you are ready to drown yourself in the idea, and the next day the whole thing seems terrible to you. There’s nothing to worry about. You can once take a view of your records when your mind is fresh (better do it on weekend) so that you will not have to correct them constantly.

“… to get answers to my questions, I plan to look at the whole cycle of introductory webinars, after which I’ll start studying indicators and trading strategies. Such a working plan will help me understand trading quickly. “


Control your resources

Our resources are limited. We have to track the way they are spent. If we lose control over them, we can reach a deadlock.

There are cases when novice traders try to find a universal “trading instruction”. They try them one after another, but in the end, the beginners do not get the desired effect from either of those rules. Try to concentrate on a smaller number of things to do.

Everyone has a huge potential. The only question is whether you can free it. The method described above is one of the ways how you can develop the best qualities and find your destination, thanks to a clear idea of the future.

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