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Get Olymp Trade Promo Codes for December 2020!

Seize the chance to increase your deposit by up to 15%

Now it’s time to share the December promo codes for Olymp Trade! These bonuses are the broker’s special gift for the readers of our blog.

It’s an excellent opportunity to increase your deposits or otherwise boost your trading. Using an Olymp Trade promo code is fast, safe, and simple: just enter it in a special field and enjoy the benefits like discounts, easier status upgrades, and some cool extras.

Important detail: all the promo codes for Olymp Trade are time-sensitive ー if you fail to use them before a certain date, they are dead. Have a valid Olymp Trade bonus? You’d better apply it ASAP. And, if you pass these codes to your friends, make this thing clear for them, too.

Right now, grab two Olymp Trade bonus codes for December 2020.


Promo Code 1: Deposit Bonus 15%

Promo code: BLOG1201
Automatically adds 15% to the amount you deposit.
Valid through: December 2020


Promo Code 2: Deposit Bonus 15%

Promo code: BLOG1202
Automatically adds 15% to the amount you deposit.
Valid through: December 2020


Claim your bonus now!


How to Use Olymp Trade Promo Codes

To apply any of the codes above, follow this simple instruction:

  1. On the Olymp Trade platform, choose Deposit and select the preferred payment method;
  2. Select the Deposit Amount and click the Promo code button with a diamond.
  3. Enter a valid code and see this amount grow by 15%.

Remember, we will be publishing new Olymp Trade promo codes every month. Follow us not to miss anything!


Rise your deposit!

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