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How the Quote Session Helps Traders to Reduce Losses

We've split trading session to mitigate your risks

Trading is a skill that combines assessing risks and attempting to benefit from them. As we make our platform better, Olymp Trade looks to ways to help its clients be more successful, while avoiding unnecessary risk.

That’s why we’ve split the asset’s trading session into the Quote Session and the Trading Session.


What Is the Quote Session?

The Quote Session is the first and last 5–10 minutes an asset is on the market to trade, when you can see quotes but can’t open trades. While the Trading Session is the time between these two buffers in which you can execute trades on the Olymp Trade Platform.

This 5–10 minute buffer at market opening and closing, guards against traders being swept up in high volatility and suffering unnecessary losses.


Why Are Quote Sessions Helpful?

Quote sessions allow people to avoid chaotic volatility and give traders a much more stable environment in which to trade.

The Quote Session has been launched on the web version of our platform and in Olymp Trade mobile applications. Start taking advantage of this helpful buffer today.

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