“Me” version 2.0. How to change oneself in just 3 weeks

The older we get, the more difficult it is for us to change the way we think and act. Year after year, people lose their flexibility and overgrow with the shell of usual comfort. And if earlier we could change literally at the click of a finger, today we prefer to avoid the challenges of the world around.

However, do not think that having reached a certain age level, a person is not capable of development anymore. If you really want to go beyond your limits, learn something new, become better, stronger, more educated – it’s time to change!

In our turn, will give you several recommendations and show the right direction. In a few minutes, you will learn how to become a better version of yourself in 3 weeks. Or in any case, you will understand how you can try to do this.


Week one. Training the body

A car must be started in gear to move from its place, must be given a spark that will make all the systems work. The same applies to people. So let’s start with the physical conditions. The first week of your reincarnation will be devoted to sports.

A fitness trainer will help you create a weekly training program. In extreme cases, you can choose a set of exercises, which are suitable for your age and general condition, on the Internet. Do not immediately think about Mr Olympia Prize, the main thing for you is to tone up your body.

Work out daily, doing carefully all activities that are in your training program.

Even very busy people, who spend 12 hours in the workplace, can find 20-30 minutes for standard exercises with their weight – push-ups, pull-ups, squats.

Of course, practicing sports during a working break can cause feelings of embarrassment, but you can overcome it. Just invite one or two colleagues to join you.

Why is the program so important? You must control your progress. For example, yesterday you did 10 sit-ups, today you can do 12, by the end of the week you’ll do 40. And there is another condition of the first week: sports have no days off. You will not regret it if you fulfil the 2-day norm of the program.


Week two. Exercising the brain

The most important thing is not to slow down the pace. You will notice the improvement in your well-being, your productivity will increase, and sleep will be deeper.

Now is the time to think about how to learn a new language. It is not so difficult to master the base of English, and other European languages, as it may seem. There are a lot of courses on the net where you can start learning from the very beginning and get homework. Besides, you will have the opportunity to check your progress online.

There are two reasons why you need to know foreign languages. The first one is communication with different people. Just think that a person who knows English can communicate with more than 1 billion people.

The second reason is the development of your mental abilities. Learning foreign languages has been proved to help increase the volume of the brain, improve a person’s efficiency in multitasking and even improve memory! Isn’t this good enough?

Everyone can find half an hour a day to study, but you should keep in mind that the learning schedule cannot be violated, either. Laziness and procrastination can disguise themselves as various circumstances. And the first week should teach you how to overcome them.


Week three. Better yourself in the world

Working out has made you stronger, and learning a foreign language has activated your mental capacity. Boosting your professional skills is the next thing on the program.

Study new ideas and projects in your professional sphere. You can be an excellent, even an irreplaceable employee, but without constant professional development, you will sooner or later be overboard.

If there is an opportunity to visit an exhibition or a professional conference, do it. You will get acquainted with people who can be of help you in the future. Networking and new information is the key to improving your social and professional activities.

Become an “informational sponge” for these seven days, soak up everything you can learn. And don’t forget to briefly write down what you see or hear to rate the work you have done.

What if you don’t like your current position, and you want to master a new profession? Get started now! Yes, no one has become a master in 7 days, but a week is enough to get the introductory information and to understand whether you are interested in the topic or not.

What will happen as a result? After 21 days you will have a habit of constantly doing something new and working on yourself. If you manage to keep such a rhythm for three weeks, you won’t have a desire to return to the previous version of you.

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