How to Start the Week: Analytics and Forecasts — 01.03.2021

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European regulators plan to learn from US retail investor frenzy.


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A Rossiya Airlines Boeing 777 cargo plane made an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on Friday due to a problem with an engine control sensor, the airline said. Combined with last weekend’s engine explosion over Denver the 777 and Boeing series could come under more scrutiny.

In a blow to Democrats, the Senate parliamentarian ruled the chamber cannot include President Joe Biden’s proposed $15-an-hour minimum wage in a $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill the party aims to pass without Republican votes. This is a setback to the President’s recovery plan, however, the brunt of the bill remains unaltered in that it should work toward revitalizing the US economy.

The European Union will consider potential lessons from the recent frenzied trading by retail investors on Wall Street in its broad review of consumer protection in markets. Though officials are cautious to put blanket regulations as the assumption is the same thing that happened in the US would not happen in Europe.

China’s finance ministry said on Friday that it would extend tariff exemptions for 65 imported products from the United States, including logs and aircraft parts. The extension, effective on Feb. 28, will last until Sept. 16, 2021, the ministry said. A good sign for future negotiations between the two nations.

Oil prices are expected to stage a steady recovery this year as vaccines reach more people and speed an economic revival, with a further impetus coming from stimulus and output discipline by top crude producers, a Reuters poll showed on Friday. As restrictions lift and demand begins to rise again oil prices will continue to rise.


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Apple and Kia have not completely canceled talks on electric vehicles following a deal signed by the two companies last year to pursue cooperation in eight sectors, including electric vehicles.


Siemens, IBM, and Red Hat announced a new collaboration that will use a hybrid cloud designed to deliver an open, flexible, and more secure solution for manufacturers and plant operators to drive real-time value from operational data.


Facebook Inc ended a one-week blackout of Australian news on its popular social media site on Friday and announced preliminary commercial agreements with three small local publishers.
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