How to Start the Week: Analytics and Forecasts — 08.03.2021

Fundamental analysis and forecasts for the future

The US economy heads toward a steady recovery.


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The US economy is seemingly on the rebound, as the weekly jobless claims were much lower than anticipated. While it is a bit early to speak about a positive trend, it might just be a sign that the situation is improving, and should the US government approve the stimulus package program, even reduced, it might be enough to start the recovery.

OPEC+, after long and arduous discussion, extends the output cuts even further. This might lead to a substantial recovery in demand, as the world starts to come out of the pandemic-induced haze.

Cryptocompare shows that cryptocurrency trading volumes jumped up to $2.7 trillion in February, while exchanges report the increase in volume at $2.4 trillion. Cryptocurrency popularity shows no signs of slowing down, for now, as Visa expands its reach to crypto users.

Amazon is under scrutiny in India over a scandalous reception of their film “Tandav”. It puts the company in a difficult position on a key growth market, as both Bollywood and religious authorities are put on edge over it.

After remarks from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell about longer-term US bond yields, investors were met with a sharp dive from the Wall Street indexes. That includes NASDAQ, which was left almost 10% lower than its record February high, showing that it and other US indices could be at the beginning of a correction.


Fundamental breakdown


Britain’s competition regulator said on Thursday it has opened an investigation into Apple Inc after complaints that the iPhone maker’s terms and conditions for app developers are unfair and anti-competition.


Nickel and microchip shortages are causing delays in the manufacturing activity of both automakers and electronics, caused Tesla’s Fremont California plant to shut down for two days.


Google is teaming up with two global insurers to cover cyber breaches and related risks for businesses that use its cloud services, the first time a major provider has offered this type of insurance to its clients.
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