How to Start the Week: Analytics and Forecasts — 20.12.2021

Fundamental analysis and forecasts

Although a global risk, Omicron fears are gradually subsiding.


Must Know

Omicron is still a major global issue. It was recently reported to have caused a drop in economic activity in the Eurozone to nine-month lows. In the oil market, it forced the global market to shrink, making it match supply.

Nevertheless, fears related to Omicron are gradually subsiding. A South African study showed two shots of the Pfizer vaccine may halt 70% of hospitalizations related to it and infused optimism into observers.

In the US, the Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, confirmed the plan to wrap up the stimulus due to healthy economic dynamics in the US and reduce bond buying. The Japanese stock market positively reacted to the news, bringing the Nikkei to strategic highs.

Oil producers are increasingly under pressure to extend carbon emission targets. Recently, Exxon Mobil has fallen under the hammer of climate activists on this issue, alarming the rest of the oil production industry to brace for tighter demands in the future.


Fundamental Breakdown


The company was reported to have informed its employees that they would risk their salary and employment by not obeying antivirus restrictions.


Elon Musk’s tweets once again moved the markets with his comment that Tesla may be available for purchases from Doge coin. In the meantime, Tesla’s competitors are combining forces in the US market by forming EV production consortiums.


Chinese regulators’ crackdown on the IT sector seems to have recently gained momentum, and Alibaba is now headed down towards $100 per share.


The IT giant’s market value is approaching $3T. The mark may be crossed in a matter of days, and once that happens, the stock will likely enjoy an influx of optimism celebrating its success.


To counter the competition from Disney and Amazon in India, one of its key markets, Netflix significantly reduced subscription prices in the country.
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