How to start the week: analytics and forecasts — 30.11.2020

Fundamental analysis and forecasts for the future

Bitcoin has been the focus of this week. The cryptocurrency managed to both please and upset investors.


Must know

Last week the countries of OPEC+ agreed there will not be a raise in the quota for crude oil production, despite the sharp rise in the price of black gold. This is due to COVID-19, which is still ravaging the world.

Negotiations between the EU and the UK on the terms of the trade agreement continued over the weekend. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted that significant differences remain between the parties. However, this is not the first statement by high-ranking officials, the market will be more surprised by the achievement of the deal than its failure.

The still incumbent US President Donald Trump has begun the process of transferring power to Joe Biden. Nevertheless, Trump continues to announce plans to the fight to reconsider the final presidential race, although the chances of this are close to zero.

Former Fed Chairman Janet Yellen could be the next US Treasury Secretary. Joe Biden announced that he would submit her candidacy for approval. Experts say that Yellen’s appointment promises a strengthening of the American currency.

France was one of the first EU countries to announce the gradual easing of quarantine measures. The easing was scheduled for November 28. Also, European officials have repeatedly announced plans to begin vaccination before the end of this year.


A fundamental view


In the trading session before Thanksgiving, Slack shares soared 37% amid reports of Salesforce’s plans to buy the company. Nevertheless, the demonstrated take-off seems excessive and may lead to a rapid downward correction.


The company has decided to make further cuts as amusement parks remain closed worldwide. The company’s shares are near historic highs, which indicates the market’s confidence in the recovery of financial performance. But isn’t this faith blind and excessive?


Oil stocks have shown an excellent bullish trend, supported by the rise in quotes for black gold. In addition, investors are looking forward to the payment of dividends, which will actually take place in mid-December. However, if oil prices begin to fall, then Chevron will have a similar trend.


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