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New Features, Insights, and Tournaments — What July Brought

Insight trading, fast switch between Forex and FTT, and fresh market analytics

This July brought many positive changes to our platform. From new features to the insight trading — all to make your trading experience better. Not to mention that we also launched the World Race 2 tournament and brought out our best analytics for you. So strap in and let’s take a closer look at this months’ events.


New Features

To keep you on the edge in the world of trading, we always try to add more tools and QoL improvements for you to use. This time, we have 4 main things to talk about.


Quick Switch Between Forex and Fixed Time Trades

For those using the Web version of our platform, we have some great news. From the Asset Review sidebar, you can switch between Forex and FTT for any asset. It allows you to have great flexibility for your trading strategies.

Switch Your Strategy Faster


Trade Smarter, Not Harder With Insights

Trading the news might be a little hard at times, especially if you are not sure whether the news would affect the asset in question or not. But with our new Insights tab, you can add the most relevant forecasts and receive all the information that you need for a trade. It is a great addition to your strategies.

Trade With Insight


New Forex and FTT Multipliers

Something interesting for investors among our ranks: you want to play on the price changes without worries about additional costs? For this purpose, we’ve added x1 multiplier for both Forex and Fixed Time Trading. With this option available, you would be able to open long-term trades without commissions for the night transfers.

Try New Multipliers Out


Active Trades Menu and Close All Deals

A little bit of QoL: Active Trades Menu shows you a summary of your every active trade so that traders could tell what happens at a glance. It is available for both FTT and Forex.

Close All Deals is a button that closes every open deal. It is a small but useful feature that our Forex users will appreciate.

Check Out New Features



A good trader has to learn a lot, the best trader never stops learning. With that in mind, we constantly expand our Education library. Let’s take a look at what we added there.

7 New Strategies

In our Education tab, we’ve added a whole series consisting of 7 Forex trading strategies. Among them are technical analysis-based forecasts, Predatory Look, Trio, as well as few others. All of them are fully adapted to the Forex training and contain full instructions, so even a novice trader would be able to use them.

Add more tools to your trading arsenal with the new knowledge.

Learn More


World Race 2 Tournament

While not exactly a July topic (the tournament was held from the 3rd to 7th of August), we can’t avoid mentioning it. With the prize pool of $60,000 and traders from all statuses participating (in three Leagues), it is more than worthy of your attention.

Out of the thousands participating traders, only the best earned a spot in the Top 20 and took their grand prizes. You can check the tournament’s results on the leaderboard.

See the Results

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