News, Trend & Analysis 03.05.2019

UK interest rates remain


Bank of England policymakers voted to withhold interest rate movements. This is due to Brexit’s uncertainty and the possibility of exit may not be. Although the current situation remains unchanged, the Bank of England will review its policy if the separation breakdown has been finalized.

Oil prices dropped to the lowest level last month. Driven by production in the US and Russia, OPEC + strategy pricing can be decentralized. With a high US production and Russia’s OPEC target lost its inventory, the oil is much higher until the price is lower.

Fed chairman Jerome Powell explained the central bank has no stricter or more loose foundation. Today’s report shows that profit productivity in the United States accelerates the highest rate since 2014. This is a matter of disagreement with the Trump administration who argues that reducing taxes have increased growth without causing inflation.



The time in GMT


GBP PMI Service (Apr)

Forecast: 50.4 Previous: 48.9


EUR CPI (YoY) (Apr)

Forecast: 1.6% Before: 1.4%


USD Non-Agricultural Salaries in April

Forecast: 181K Before: 196K


USD Unemployment Rate April

Forecast: 3.8% Previous: 3.8%


USD PMI Not Manufacturing ISM in April

Forecast: 57.2 Before: 56.1



STOXX Europe

Chart 1 day of this index shows a Three Outside Down pattern that shows a strong reversal direction downward.


The 1-day commodity chart has shown signs of Three Outside Down that started a strong bearish trend.

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