News, Trend, & Analytics 14.04.2021

Bitcoin to the moon!

Today the focus is on the US inflation data, growing Chinese markets, and Bitcoin reaching a new record.



9:00 UTC

Eurostat releases its monthly Eurozone Industrial Production Measures. Forecast: -1.1%. If the data is higher than the previous reading the EUR could see a positive push.

Assets to trade: EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY

14:30 UTC

The US Energy Information Administration releases its weekly Crude Oil Inventories measures. Forecast: -2.154M. If the data is lower than expected Brent could receive a positive push.

Assets to trade: Brent


Bitcoin hits a record high before landmark Coinbase listing on NASDAQ. Affects Bitcoin

S&P 500 hit as the US data shows strong inflation signs. Affects S&P 500

Oil prices rise as China shows promising market growth. Affects Brent

Johnson & Johnson says that it will delay the vaccine rollout to Europe as it investigates a very rare blood clots side effect. Affects Johnson & Johnson

German regulator acts to halt an “illegal” data collection by WhatsApp. Affects Facebook


Technical Analysis


Bitcoin once again broke its own record by pushing its price to a whopping $62,800. Based on previous growth, we can expect it to either keep growing in the short term or start to rebound soon.

For now, Bitcoin is flat after its explosive growth, maintaining its general price in a channel between $62,700 and $62,900.

S&P 500

We can see that the price moves mostly in the slight upward channel, with the exception of sudden spikes that gets corrected soon.


Apple shows a steady upward trend, even as it regains losses that it faced at the beginning of the week.

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