News, Trend, & Analytics 20.05.2021

Bitcoin In A Free Fall

Today the focus is on a big Bitcoin fall, investors pulling out of high-risk assets, and the rise in oil demand.



12:30 UTC

The US Department of Labor releases its weekly Initial Jobless Claims measures. Forecast: 450K. If the results are higher than predicted, USD could receive a negative push.

Assets to trade: USD/JPY, EUR/USD, CAD/USD



Bitcoin has lost almost 30% in the downtrend that started with Tesla announcing that it will stop accepting crypto as payment. Affects Bitcoin

Dow Jones tumbles as investors become wary of the risky assets amidst the crypto crash. Affects Dow Jones

Oil stockpile rose less than expected, giving oil companies more confidence in demand increase. Affects Brent

Two key US lawmakers are seeking records on the production issues involving Boeing 737 MAX and 787. Affects Boeing

Google deepens its partnership with Shopify to attract more online sellers to its products. Affects Google


Technical Analysis


Bitcoin is at the moment in the biggest route in its history, losing almost 30% of its price in a matter of days. While Tesla’s statement started the process, a new regulation by the Chinese government has added fuel to the fire, forbidding crypto payments in the country.

Bitcoin is now in the correction, trying to recoup some of the losses it suffered.


The pair is showing sharp changes in price today, though overall it is moving downwards.


Silver is now in the correction after a big spike in its price couldn’t break its downward trend.

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