News, Trends, & Analytics 11.11.2021

UK Economic Growth

Today the focus is on the UK GDP Growth Rate.



07:00 UTC

British Quarter-on-Quarter and Year-on-Year GDP growth for Q3. The UK economic growth rate may impact GBP.

Assets to trade: EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY



European antitrust regulators ruled on the appeal case of $2.8bln against Google. Affects Google

Oil stocks and Astrazeneca have boosted the performance of the FTSE 100. Affects FTSE 100

Lack of progress in trade agreements between the EU and UK over Northern Ireland are pressing on the British pound. Affects GBP

The ambiguity of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s comment about “mutual respect” required for China to collaborate with the US may suppress global investors’ optimism. Affects Gold

Meta will impede any ad targeting based on ethnicity, gender, political and other types of affiliation. Affects Facebook


Technical Analysis

FTSE 100

This index is now testing the long-term resistance trendline above 7,300.

JPMorgan’s recent change to a bullish outlook in relation to the UK stock market may help the FTSE 100 keep rising in the future.


This stock failed to break the resistance level of $345. That means it may gravitate down in the coming days.


After bouncing off the key level of $80, Brent may now be headed towards a new high above $85.

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