News, Trends, & Analytics 28.10.2021

ECB and BOJ’s Interest Rates

Today the focus is on the ECB and BOJ Interest Rates and on US Jobless Claims.



06:30 UTC

BOJ Monetary Policy Statement and Press Conference. Uncertain economic outlook may press on the JPY.

Assets to trade: USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY

11:45 UTC

ECB Interest Rate Decision and Monetary Policy Statement. Hawkish tones may boost EUR.

Assets to trade: EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY

12:30 UTC

US Initial Jobless Claims. Forecast: 290K. If the figure is higher than the forecast, USD may gain value.

Assets to trade: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY



The Federal Trade Commission has started digging into Facebook’s internal research. Affects Facebook

Mining Bitcoin in the US has expanded from less than a fifth of global computing power last Spring to more than a third. Affects Bitcoin

Hertz bought more than four billion worth of Teslas. Affects Tesla

A plan to create a commercial space station with Boeing was announced by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.  Affects Boeing


Technical Analysis


Although USD has been relatively weak lately, that had little effect on USD/JPY. From 111.00 at the beginning of October, it has recently reached 114.50.

A complicated economic outlook shared by the Bank of Japan will likely support USD/JPY’s further upward movement. Hence, we expect it to keep moving UP in the future.


This pair was deflected by the resistance of 0.8660 at the beginning of October. Since then, it has only been moving down, and it crossed the support of 0.8460. The means it may keep moving DOWN.


The symmetrical shape of this pair’s movement suggests it may be going UP to reach 0.70 in the future.

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