News, Trends, & Analytics 29.09.2020

Changes at Boeing

Today, the focus is on trade negotiations between the EU and UK, Elon Musk’s plans, as well as Boeing 737 MAX tests.



12:30 UTC

The Conference Board’s US Consumer Confidence Index will be released. The forecast is 89.2 points. If the real data turns out to be higher, the USD will receive a positive impulse.

Assets to trade: USD/CHF, EUR/USD



Trade negotiations between London and Brussels are making progress. Affects GBP

Elon Musk plans to sell 20 million electric cars by 2027. Affects Tesla

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was reminded of the risks of a worsening epidemiological situation, as well as the need to save the economy. Affects EUR

The US Federal Aviation Agency plans to conduct a test flight of the Boeing 737 MAX. Affects Boeing

The Russian Energy Minister, Alexander Novak, said that the demand for oil could fall by 10%. Affects Brent


Technical Analysis


Boeing’s management announced plans to cut the company’s management team, as well as to sell the property. As a reminder, the company recorded a loss of $2.4 billion in the second quarter. However, there is good news: the US Federal Aviation Agency has planned a test flight of the 737 MAX model, whose manufacturing defects caused two plane crashes.

An analysis of the daily timeframe of the company’s stock price chart indicates a likely continuation of the positive trend until the stocks reach a downward resistance level.


We expect the resumption of sales of the British currency at 1.30000.


An analysis of the situation according to the Fibonacci fan shows that the asset may continue to decline until it reaches 1800.

Gold on this day in history

  • Since 2000, September 29th has been a trading day 13 times.
  • On 53% of those days, the asset finished trading with growth.
  • The maximum strengthening range was 2.99%.
  • The downward trend was limited to 0.76%.
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