News, Trends, & Analytics 30.12.2021

US Initial Jobless Claims

Today the focus is on the US Initial Jobless Claims.



13:30 UTC

US Initial Jobless Claims will be out. Forecast: 208K. USD will get a boost if the actual data is lower than the forecast.

Assets to trade: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD



The Turkish Central Bank announced it will promote Turkish lira deposits in 2022. Affects TRY

Elon Musk sold more than 934,000 of his Tesla shares exercising the final batch of stock options. Affects Tesla

GasBuddy, a US-based tech company, reports rising domestic demand for petrol in the US. Affects Brent


Technical Analysis


Since the beginning of November, Tesla has been trading in a downward channel. Currently, it is testing its upper border.

If the stock price crosses the resistance level of $1100 upwards, that may be the beginning of a new mid-term uptrend. In the opposite scenario, it may be deflected to get to the bottom of the channel again.


Brent is now approaching $80. That breaks the two-month downtrend and sets a new upward trajectory.


This pair has lost a bit of bullish momentum, but the overall trend is still pointing upwards.

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