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Olymp Plus: the Best Trader Assistant

The New “Three in One” App: Learning to Trade Guide, Analytics and Trading Ideas

These days, you can learn a lot about the person by the apps they use. The apps that help them quickly deal with lots of things, save their time and provide quality entertainment.

Today, we are going to tell you about the Olymp Plus app. This unique and irreplaceable trader’s assistant combines the features of a news portal and an analytics platform with ready-to-go trading ideas.


To begin with, let use list the services implemented in the app:

  • Education — everything one needs from an introduction to trading to effective practical advice. It is really helpful for novice traders as they can get all the basic information one needs to start a career in a very short time.
  • Market analysis — regular notes about what is happening in the world and in financial markets. The Olymp Plus expert team also offers to take advantage of the ready-to-go recommendations they provide.
  • Trends — this is the main advantage of the app, its most interesting section. One can use it to know how strong the trend is for bitcoin or any other asset, as well as get trade signals based on a particular candlestick pattern or find a similar trend for other assets.


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How Do I Get the Most of the “Education” Section?

If you don’t have enough time to cover the whole “Education” section, we recommend starting with a handbook on Fixed Time Trades and Forex. There you can find basic information about how to work in two main modes of the Olymp Trade trading platform.

Next, you should study the “Strategies” section where you will learn how to use different indicators when trading. In this section, you will also get ready-to-go strategies for making profitable trades. It might become the final step in your training.



What is the Use of the Olymp Plus Analytics?

First of all, it helps you save time. You can access all the news you need in one place. Besides, you will see the asset that can get affected by some event straight away.


But the main thing that differs Olymp Plus from other similar apps is a possibility to get the expert advice when opening a position. Such recommendations are regularly published in the articles.

Can you profit from the Olymp Plus analytics? You can answer this question for yourself, which will not be difficult as soon as you can always use the app’s publications history.


The “Trends” Section Is Your Friend

Successful traders know that there are several key rules to follow if you want to limit your losses and increase profits. “A trend is your friend” is probably the most important one.

Using the Olymp Plus app, you can access the trend analysis for an asset. The data aggregated is collected for several time frames, from 15 minutes to one hour. As a result, you get comprehensive information about the current trend. But that’s not all.


The Olymp Plus algorithms also notify you of new candlestick patterns and close levels of support and resistance. We are not afraid to say that this feature is a dream of many traders who work with technical analysis that has come true.


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In the modern world, mobile apps have become our irreplaceable assistants. If a trader wants to achieve high results, they should involve every possible tool that can help them do so.

Olymp Plus is a unique product that will bring your trading to a new level. This is why we advise you to install the app and start using it now. And by the way, it is free.

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