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Olymp Trade Anniversary Tournament — Users FAQ

    1. What time does the tournament start and how long does it last?

    The tournament runs from 05.11.2019, 11:00 GMT to 03.12.19, 11:00 GMT. Traders can join the tournament at any moment. To learn more about the event, click the link:


    1. Where can I check my rank?

    Traders can check their rank and the current number of points via the link: The leaderboard is updated in real time.


    1. How do you calculate the points? How can I reach the next level?

    1.           The level in the tournament’s rankings depends on the trades made on a live account, as well as the completion of daily and tournament tasks. The more profitable trades traders make, the more points they score. The current level can be checked via the link:

    2.           To reach the next level, traders can make trades on a live account, and complete daily and tournament tasks. Please pay your attention that profitable trades bring more points. The leaderboard can be checked here:


    1. What prizes will be awarded to winners?

    The total amount of $100,000 will be distributed among traders who take from the 1st to the 100th places in the leaderboard. The first prize winner will receive $40,000. Olymp Trade will award the second prize winner with $16,000; and the one who takes the third place will get $10,000. Click the link to learn more about the tournament and the prize fund:


    1. The platform interface has been changed. What does it mean? Does everyone have to take part in it?

    To honor the 5th anniversary, Olymp Trade is holding a tournament for all platform users. Everyone who trades on a live account can take part in the tournament. Detailed information about the event is available via the link:


    1. How often can I complete the tasks?

    Traders will complete 2-3 tasks every day. VIP users will be able to get more points for extra daily tasks. New daily tasks will be announced at 21:00 GMT. Traders will have 24 hours to complete them. There are also tournament tasks, which will be available during the whole tournament period.


    1. How long will the tasks be available?

    1. Before 03.12.19.

    The tournament ends on 03.12.19, 11:00 GMT. Until this moment, traders can complete tasks to get a higher ranking.

    1. After 03.12.19.

    The winners will be announced on 03.12.19. The results can be checked via the link:


    1. Which account (real or demo) should I trade on?

    Only trades made on a real account will be taken into account when calculating the scores. Detailed information about the event is available via the link:


    1. What is the minimum and maximum number of trades I can make?

    Traders can make as many trades as they like. The more trades they make, the higher their chance to enter the top 3 and get guaranteed prizes.  


    1. Can I use my phone to take part in the tournament?

    Traders can use a mobile app, mobile device’s browser, as well as the full version of the platform to participate in the tournament. The app can be downloaded in Google Play via the link: Owners of Apple devices can click here to get the app:


    1. What is the deadline for joining the tournament?

    Any user can take part in the tournament at any time until December 3, 2019.


    1. Can’t I complete the tasks if I don’t have access to Forex?

    You won’t be able to complete the Forex-related tasks of the tournament if Olymp Trade doesn’t provide Forex trading in your country.


    1. I am a VIP trader, why did my turnover scale disappear? 

    During the tournament, VIP users get risk-free trades for completing daily and tournament tasks. The turnover scale will be hidden. To honor the company’s anniversary, we give you an opportunity to get more prizes for completing the tasks.


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