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Olymp Trade Helps Fight Hunger in India

Olymp Trade helps people in Delhi and Mumbai survive food crisis

In August 2021, Olymp Trade partnered with the Akshaya Patra Foundation to run a new charity campaign in India. Together, they distributed food among thousands of people to help them avoid starvation.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, dozens of millions of people in India have lost their jobs — and their only source of income. Forced to stay at home during the nationwide lockdown, many breadwinners couldn’t provide for their families. It was also hard for them to find odd jobs, as moving around and networking increased their risk of catching the disease and bringing it home. And, as if things were not difficult enough already, the virus outbreak disrupted supply chains, making food prices surge, and forced street food vendors off the streets.

As a result, a huge number of Indian households faced the danger of malnutrition. For the most vulnerable, this food crisis looked even more severe than the virus outbreak that triggered it. Needless to say, low-income families with many children and no emergency funds were hit the hardest.


Olymp Trade Partners with Akshaya Patra Foundation

Olymp Trade’s team has first-hand knowledge of the devastating impact a pandemic or another disaster may cause. Our trading platform has already organized several charity missions in countries of its presence, including India. Many times, we had a real chance to see how catastrophes push people to the edge of survival and how support from others gives them hope and strength to fight on.

For this new mission, Olymp Trade partnered with Akshaya Patra Foundation, a well-known and highly transparent NGO that receives support from the government of India and associated organizations. Also, it accepts philanthropic donations from corporations and individuals.

Olymp Trade Helps Fight Hunger in India


Why Akshaya Patra?

For over 20 years, Akshaya Patra has been focused on providing fresh-cooked meals to disadvantaged persons. This goal is to support people’s physical and intellectual health, largely depending on nutrient intake. It’s the first thing to do if you want to help someone break out of poverty and give them a chance for a better life.

Nothing could be more in line with Olymp Trade’s own vision. We have always seen self-improvement and education as a key to prosperity. Still, we are well aware that any road to success starts only when basic food and housing needs are met.

When a disaster hits, these fundamental needs become the focus of the global charity agenda. Starting from March 2020, Akshaya Patra Foundation channeled its resources to offering food relief to hungry people across the country.

So, Olymp Trade’s team contacted Akshaya Patra to share this increased workload.
Olymp Trade Partners with Akshaya Patra Foundation


Serving Hot Meals in Mumbai and Delhi

In August 2021, Olymp Trade and Akshaya Patra decided to concentrate their joint efforts on Delhi and Mumbai areas. Here, hundreds of thousands were facing hunger after losing an opportunity to earn money. Sometimes, even middle-class families had to line up for free rations. As for migrant laborers, daily wagers, and the homeless, finding something to eat became their main daily concern.

Together, Olymp Trade and Akshaya Patra set up field kitchens, each making and serving hundreds of meals a day. For people with no cooking facilities at home, no access to cheap street food, or no funds, having a free hot lunch was a matter of survival.

Luckily, Akshaya Patra has massive experience with field kitchens. These facilities were successfully used during other relief missions, the team always trying to make meals as tasty and healthy as possible. This time, the emergency menu included traditional Indian dishes like sabji and khichri made of mixed vegetables, rice, and lentils.

In both cities, over 9,550 hot meals were served, making a lot of hungry stomachs happy.
Olymp Trade helps people in Delhi and Mumbai survive food crisis


Distributing Family Kits

For people still able to cook for themselves, the Olymp Trade/Akshaya Patra team organized the distribution of family kits. These contained non-perishable groceries like rice, spices, sugar, lentils, wheat or millet flour, and other Indian pantry essentials. The ingredients were chosen to better match local tastes.

These giveaways were extremely popular, as each package was enough to feed a family of four during 15 days. In total, we distributed 500 kits in both cities, meaning 2,000 adults and kids were able to enjoy at least two meals a day for more than 2 weeks.


Mission Recap

Hunger remains one of the world’s most urgent problems, and the pandemic has made things even worse. These days, when many people are unable to fill their stomachs, successful businesses should offer all possible assistance.

Olymp Trade’s representative:
One of the main advantages of Olymp Trade’s team is responsiveness. Our clients know that we are always ready to help if you have any doubts or questions.

We do believe this approach should not be limited to client support. These days, so many people suffer from food insecurity, and we feel it’s our duty to offer them some food. It might be a short-term solution, but it’s what a hungry stomach needs.”

As usual, there’s no better way to summarize the mission’s results than a brief thank-you letter from our partners.

Sreedhar Kr, General Manager (Finance) at Akshaya Patra Foundation:

“We thank Olymp Trade for their invaluable support towards the Covid-19 relief programme.

We have used your donation fund to distribute 9,555 cooked meals and 500 grocery kits among needy and poor individuals and families, including daily wage earners, migrant workers, unemployed, and dependents during August 2021.
We look forward to your continued support.
Thank you!”

Olymp Trade’s team is happy to successfully complete another charity mission and takes this opportunity to thank our Indian partners for their contribution.

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