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Olymp Trade Launches Stock Price Trades

Olymp Trade Has Launched a New User-friendly Trading Mechanic to Invest

Stock Price Trades is a new trading mechanic traders were looking for. It features dozens of famous stocks to trade on under clear user-oriented conditions. Stock PT may be a mainstream financial instrument for long-term investment and a diversification instrument that complements alternative trading mechanics offered by Olymp Trade.


Why Olymp Trade Created Stock PT

Stocks attract traders because of the volatility and dividend gaps. Together, these two features provide ample opportunities to make profits. Stocks also attract investors because of their market sector specificity and promising value growth projections.

That’s why Olymp Trade now has stocks on the list of the offered trading instruments. The story doesn’t end here because there is always room to improve the trading conditions and the entire market approach.

Traders have been looking forward to a transparent trading mechanic that would feature trading on stocks, and offer the schedule of fees as close to their interest as possible. Olymp Trade responded to these requests by creating Stock Price Trades.


What is Stock PT?

Stock Price Trades is a new trading mechanic based on stocks as an underlying asset. The main idea of this mechanic is to make trading on stocks easy and potentially rewarding in the long term.

In keeping with this vision, Olymp Trade equipped Stock PT with a number of features that help reach the objective mentioned above.


Extensive Trading Instrument Choice

Olymp Trade took the public companies from the FX mode as a core and significantly expanded the list. Now, traders have well-known stocks such as Tesla and Amazon and many specific stocks like Monster Beverage or Las Vegas Sands to pick from.

In total, there are 60+ public companies to choose from. Therefore, traders and investors will easily find those that best fit their strategies. In turn, that allows making diverse investment portfolios that may respond to various financial objectives.


Genuinely Friendly Fees

When opening a position with Stock PT, traders pay zero commission. When closing a position with Stock PT, traders pay a Sale Success Fee only if the position is profitable.

Other than these, traders still have platform fees. In particular, dormant fee if the account is inactive for more than six months.

There are no other charges on Olymp Trade’s side with this new mechanic. Therefore, with the transparency and affordability of its fees, Stock PT is a trading mechanic two steps away from being charge-free.


New Trading Environment

Stock PT trades in units. The price of one Stock PT unit equals the price of the underlying stock. Therefore, traders have the stock price as a minimum entry requirement instead of a minimum trade value.

After opening a position on a particular stock, traders can make additional purchases to increase the total value of the opened position. When partially or completely closing the position, the average buy price is taken as the basis for calculation.

Together, these features make the new setting fresh and exciting. Also, they continue the vision of making Stock PT as favorable and in the traders’ financial interest.


Why Trade Stock PT?

Stock PT is a fresh trading mechanic that offers a wide range of trading instruments on clear terms. Most importantly, these terms are designed in the traders’ interest. They make long-term investing in Stock PT potentially rewarding and a complement to the activities in the other mechanics.

Traders who want to invest in a relaxed manner and just wait and see their portfolios grow will likely find Stock PT a suitable core for their strategy. Those who want to stay active in FX may also find Stock PT as a very useful diversification tool to balance their risks.


Discover SPT

Learn more about this new fantastic trading mechanic in the FAQ section.

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