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Olymp Trade Main Updates for August

New Forex asset, trading conditions, and Market

Each month we add something new to the platform, most of that is oriented on improving your trading experience. This August is no exception, with a new Forex asset, our mobile app upgrades, and new useful features. 


What Asset to Choose? Brent!

Financial trading is a path lined with choices. We always seek that golden multiplier, time frame, ideal investment, but it is the choice of the asset that can make or break your deal.

With that in mind, we’ve added a new asset to the Forex section of Olymp Trade — Brent oil, with available multipliers of x10, x20, x30, and x50.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed active changes in the price of oil, which opens a lot of opportunities for traders.

Open Your Oil Trade


Demo Trades Without Confirmation

Now, you don’t need to confirm trade opening and closing on the Demo account. However, this is not the case with your live account, as you still need to confirm your choices there. If you feel sure of your choices, then you can enable «1-click trade» and «1-click closing» options in Settings.


Mobile Apps

On the Android version of our app, there is now an option to create delayed orders and to close pending orders. On the chart, you will now see notifications about important economic news, available for both Android and iOS apps.

In addition to that, autofill functionality for SMS codes was added for Android. Now would be a great time to enable 2-factor authentication via SMS, as it becomes much easier to use for protection.

Increase Your Security


Trading Specifications

You can now see a full overview of trading specifications in the «Assets» menu: fees, multiplier, a minimal and maximum trade amount. Other than that, there you’ll find information about Stop Loss and Take Profit conditions.


Active Trades Overview

You can now see a short overview of your active trades in the «Assets» menu. Not only that, but Forex now has an option to close all deals by clicking on the «Close all» button.


Custom Instagram filters

We try to not limit ourselves to our platform, spreading positive emotions beyond Olymp Trade. That’s why our users can now put on faces of legendary traders and share them with their friends on Facebook. Be with your favorite platform even beyond trading!

Get Your Instagram Filter


Platform Shopping

Do you want to add more functions to your arsenal? Then Olymp Trade Market is what you need! There, several tools are available for you so subscribe for 30/90/180 and 360 days.

  • Higher profitability
  • Fine-tuned Expert strategies
  • Unique indicators

You can find all of that and more on Market for a reasonable price, upgrading your trading.

And, of course, you can get these instruments for Experience Points (XP) on Trader’s Way.

Upgrade Your Trading

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