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Olymp Trade: Making Change in Egypt

The broker delivers aid to Egypt’s most disadvantaged

In December 2020 — January 2021, Olymp Trade teamed up with Egyptian Red Crescent Foundation to support the residents of several orphanages and nursing homes in Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. These people who often suffer from mental disabilities and multiple health issues are most likely to fall victims to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Improving the lives of local communities is one of Olymp Trade’s long-term commitments. Sometimes, it’s not about encouragement and creating an enabling environment. Instead, it’s about protecting from direct danger and securing humane conditions.

People with mental disabilities depend on others for their health and survival. Sadly, they are often the last to receive attention and resources, especially when a pandemic sweeps the country. In times like this, it’s doubly important for us to step in and help the helpless.


Why Red Crescent

When you plan a charity mission abroad, choosing a reliable local partner is half the battle. The right partner lets you channel your resources to the right place, reduce red tape, and reach out to the decision-makers. That’s why we contacted Red Crescent, one of the most respected charity foundations.

This international society was founded in 1919. Since then, it has been “protecting human life and health, and ensuring respect to all human beings,” as their mission dictates.
Nothing could be more in line with our own beliefs.


Setting Goals

After discussing the focus areas, we decided to support the least protected — the orphans and seniors living in orphanages and nursing homes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemiс causing overheat of the healthcare system, these people found themselves in danger.

A COVID-19 outbreak is likely to take a huge human toll in such institutions. A bunch of chronic diseases, lack of disease awareness, and limited access to medical services create a “perfect storm” for high mortality rates. With all these factors in mind, we developed an action plan to address our aid recipients’ basic needs.


Turning Blueprint Into Reality

Under this plan, Olymp Trade’s team, together with the Red Crescent volunteers and staff, held various charity activities in several care homes of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. These included The Elderly Care and Intellectual Education Foundation in Marj, The Intellectual Education Foundation for Girls in Msr Al-Kadima, Mental Disability Services Foundation in Ain Shams, and other institutions.

First, the Red Crescent medical professionals examined these care homes’ residents to assess their health condition and mental disability degree. It helped clearly define their needs and make a customized treatment plan.

Depending on the test results, our project’s volunteers organized vaccinations, provided psychological support to the depressed and lonely ones, and ran special health awareness campaigns. As we mentioned, many of the care home residents have cognitive disabilities.

As a result, they often need help with their hygiene routine. Literally, many of these kids had to learn the basics of correct hand-washing, the first barrier to infection.

Finally, our joint team distributed 700 kits with personal hygiene must-haves, including hand-sanitizers, towels, and soap. Also, Olymp Trade provided the involved medical personnel with syringes, alcohol wipes, and other supplies they required. Naturally, all the volunteers received gloves, masks, disposable medical gowns, and protection screens.


Mission Recap

To summarize the mission results, we’d better offer you an excerpt from the appreciation letter by Dr. Ramy Elnazer.

Dr. Ramy Elnazer, CEO of Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC):

These past few months have affected the lives of people around the globe. Our points of reference changed overnight. We were forced to instantly modify our habits and discover a new norm for working and living.

The Egyptian Red Crescent presents its compliments to Olymp Trade, and thanks this esteemed company for their contribution to fighting the coronavirus.

We are extremely honored to partner with your company today and in the future.

On our side, we would like to thank our ERC partners for their assistance and guidance at all stages. Hopefully, it’s not the last time we join forces.

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