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Olymp Trade: New Aid Mission in Indonesia

The broker helps South Kalimantan flood victims survive and recover

The year 2021 burdened the disaster authorities of Indonesia with a huge workload. Heavy rainfalls caused deadly landslides and record floods in many parts of the country, leaving dozens of thousands of people displaced. As if it wasn’t enough, several earthquakes killed dozens and injured hundreds.

It was a really bad start for many Indonesian families. Add here the economic and human toll already caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help these people recover, the Olymp Trade disaster response team carried out another aid operation.
Olymp Trade: New Aid Mission in Indonesia


Deadly Floods Hit South Kalimantan

One of the places most affected by these climatic disasters was South Kalimantan. In January, this province in the southeastern part of Borneo island was hit by “the deadliest flood ever.” The catastrophe made the local governor state emergency response status.

According to reports, South Kalimantan regencies suffered from the disaster, Balangan, Banjar, Hulu Sungai Tengah, and Tanah Laut being among the hardest-hit. The floods left more than 3,500 houses submerged and over 11,500 residents affected. Many of them had their homes, possessions, and supplies damaged or ruined. The survival of many people depended on how fast emergency aid would arrive.

Olymp Trade was among those coming to the rescue. For this mission, our team partnered with DT Peduli. This non-profit organization is associated with Amil Zakat, the national institution that holds multiple educational and welfare projects in Indonesia to support children in need and their families.
Deadly Floods Hit South Kalimantan


Olymp Trade Delivers Aid

The staff of DT Peduli, who is well-aware of the local community’s needs, helped us assemble and deliver aid packages to Kali Besar Village in Kurau District.

Earlier, all 230 houses were flooded here, and many local families lacked the basic necessities.

The joint team assembled aid packages to help the villagers get through hard times. The bags contained groceries, snacks, blankets, and other must-haves, including hygiene products. In a hot and humid climate, with its high risk of infectious disease outbreaks, soap and hand sanitizers save lives.

The families with infants were happy to receive baby formula and diapers. Last but not least, Olymp Trade provided kids with school supplies to resume education as soon as possible.

Olymp Trade Delivers Aid


Looking to the Future

It’s not the first humanitarian mission Olymp Trade has held in this country. Last year, we provided support to Indonesian families who had suffered from the pandemic-caused economic crisis.

Olymp Trade representative:

Helping people escape the poverty trap and overcome difficulties is in the Olymp Trade’s DNA. It’s our way of taking care of local communities and making them a better place to live. Under normal conditions, we “teach people to fish,” but when a disaster hits, it’s essential to come with “a fish that will feed them for a day.” Only when the basic needs are met, a person can start changing their life.

The beginning of 2021 has been somewhat challenging for many Indonesians. And though we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening, we do our best to mitigate the damage they cause.

We are thankful to the DT Peduli team who helped us with the aid delivery and distribution. Hopefully, our next joint mission will be even more effective!

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