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Olymp Trade: Outcome 2019

New Features Added to the Platform over the Previous Year

It has been an amazing year. We tried to release as many useful updates as possible. In the final article of this year, we would like to summarize important platform improvements that were made during 2019.


Asset Tabs

Long ago, there was a similar interface element, but then it was temporarily phased out. Now you can set up your Favorite Assets toolbar.

To do it, open the list of assets and click the star icon. Above the chart, you will see a bookmark for the instrument you need.


New Assets

First stock assets became available for trading on the Olymp Trade Forex platform:


(the maximum multiplier is х20)


(the maximum multiplier is х50)


Dow Jones






CAC 40


FTSE 100

S&P 500

Euro Stoxx 50


The AltCoin Index and Basic Dollar Index became available for trading in the Fixed Time mode. You can read more about them in this article or the asset specification section.


New Platform Interface

A new version of the platform was released for all users in late October.

Before the release:

After the release:

The chart has been maximized in the new version. The Chart and Indicators Toolbar (2) has been moved lower, and the Settings (3) are now in the lower-left corner, not in the User Account.

We have covered this update in this article.



Our experts continue to work on training content, which will help users make trades with more confidence and give more effective forecasts. In the Help bar, you will find useful video tutorials, a prompt contact form, FAQ, and much more.


MetaTrader 4

There has been a tremendous change in MetaTrader 4. The Olymp Trade clients received new account types (ECN and Standard), and they also got a possibility to replace SWAP with a fixed fee.

Besides, now you can open a lot of live and demo accounts right in your user account and change the leverage ratio (from 1:1 to 1:400).

Read our special article to find out how you can create a MetaTrader 4 account on Olymp Trade.


Take Profit and Stop Loss Are Now Closer

Limiting orders can be now placed closer to the current quote on Olymp Trade Forex. Take Profit can be placed at the level of +5% of your investment amount, and Stop Loss can be placed at the level of -5% of your investment amount.

That is, if you open a $100 worth Up trade on EUR/USD, you can place Take Profit at the level where your profit amounts to $5. Previously, you could only place that order at the minimum level of 10%.


Forex Trailing Stop

To begin with, the Trailing Stop tool was one of the awards in the tournament held to honor the company’s five-year anniversary. And many of our traders could already assess how useful and convenient this order is.

A Trailing Stop is a tool much like the Stop loss. The only difference is that it automatically moves along with the asset price. For example, you open an Up trade on EUR/USD and set the Stop Loss at -5%. Each time the price goes up by an amount equivalent to 5% of profits, the trailing Stop will be moving higher.

Thus, if the asset price takes a sudden turn against you, the Trailing Stop will preserve some of your profits or reduce the loss.


Indicators and Advisors

During the tournament dedicated to the Olymp Trade five-year anniversary, we also announced new analysis tools including the Bill Williams Fractals and Reversal Points indicators, and the oscillators Inversion Bollinger and Stochastics RSI.

The Advisors feature turned out to be a true surprise for the tournament participants. Advisers are assisted trading strategies, which provide signals when to open a position.

The following strategies can be used by traders right now:

  • Moving Average
  • Predator’s Gaze
  • MACD Professional.

Here’s how one can work with Expert Advisors: a trader selects the strategy, and the algorithm starts searching for a signal on the selected asset. As soon as it receives the signal, the trader can open a position.

We will soon expand on indicators and advisors.


A Multi-account

The system of trading accounts has also been improved. Now, there is one account for trading in both Forex and Fixed Time modes.


New Mobile Apps

We have also updated our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and even built in new indicators and advisors. Mobile trading can be really handy if you work with Olymp Trade.

The Olymp Trade blog team wishes you a Happy New Year!

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