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Olymp Trade’s Christmas Quest

Christmas is coming, let’s celebrate it in the Christmas Quest!

Beginners, experienced, and pro traders may all realize their potential doing quest tasks, earning stars, winning guaranteed rewards or trying their luck in the final cash prize drawing of the Christmas Quest.


The Christmas Quest is a five-day quest where traders complete tasks and earn stars. At the end of the quest, the stars will convert into guaranteed rewards or grant an opportunity to participate in the cash prize drawing for the $150,000 final prize fund.

The platform’s five features most appreciated by traders are presented as Christmas tree bulbs that offer double reward in stars if traders complete tasks on them on the corresponding days. This way, the Christmas Quest provides an equal chance to all traders to win prizes regardless of their account balance. On top of that, it offers a vivid environment for celebrating Christmas with the community while winning prizes, honing trading skills, and maximizing possible benefits.


Christmas Quest

At the center of each Christmas is a Christmas tree you light with your loved ones. This is the case with the Christmas Quest as well.

You can light the Christmas tree with the community of Olympers with the five bulbs of the tasks: Fantastic Tournaments, Incredible Composites, Marvellous OTC, Amazing Crypto, and Miraculous Strategies.

All these bulbs represent Olymp Trade’s most celebrated features that traders asked to keep as the Quest artifacts. Every day, from Dec 23 till Dec 27, you’ll be offered to do tasks related to them. Completing a task brings you stars. Completing tasks based on the bulb of the day earns you double stars.

At the end of the quest, all the stars you earn will convert into guaranteed rewards or a chance to participate in the final drawing. The latter will be done online on the platform and streamed in Youtube on Dec 28. Out of 100 winners of the randomized drawing on the $150,000 cash prizes, the Top-10 will be announced.


The Five Christmas Tree Bulbs and Double Rewards

Similarly to Olymp Trade’s Seven Year Quest, the five features below are the Christmas Quest’s artifacts. In the Christmas context, they come as bulbs you use to light the Christmas tree. While you are free to do tasks any time you like, doing a task on the corresponding day earns you double stars and maximizes your chances for the final cash prize drawing.

Fantastic Tournaments

The Events tab offers access to regular Tournaments such as the Weekend Cup where you can compete for prizes every week. The current Weekend Cup’s prize fund is $30,000. Therefore, by joining the tournament you can compete for a part of it and win much more than what you normally get with regular trading.


Miraculous Strategies

Strategies and indicators can make your trades more structured and consistent. Moreover, there’ll be a 50% discount on them while the quest is on. Indeed, a miraculous gift for Christmas.


Amazing Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are a daily theme nearly every time you check financial news. Olymp Trade helps you keep your hand on the pulse of the modern market’s breakthroughs and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


Marvellous OTC

You can trade OTC on weekends. So, if you prefer to dedicate your Saturdays and Sundays to making additional profits, OTC may be a useful instrument for you.


Incredible Composites

Composite Indices are available 24/7. Let others sleep, use the round-the-clock availability of this instrument to squeeze the market for maximum profit potential.



Let’s Light the Christmas Tree

Use the five Christmas bulbs, light the Christmas tree, and enjoy celebrating Christmas with the community while winning cash prizes and guaranteed rewards. Follow the link to join the Christmas Quest!

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