Olymp Trade’s New Brand Ambassador Eben Etzebeth

The Man, The Myth, The Leader

Olymp Trade’s new Brand Ambassador International rugby player Eben Etzebeth sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview. He discusses his childhood and early career. The rugby star shares his perspectives on what it takes to be successful.

As a returning Springbok stand by captain, Etzebeth has a lot on his broad shoulders. Read how he conquers his disappointments, doubts, and stress.


Early Life

We had the pleasure of sitting down with our new Brand Ambassador International lock Eben Etzebeth for an exclusive interview looking into who how he became the powerhouse he is today. Looking a little into the life and mindset that led him to become an international rugby star.

Eben was an ambitious Cape Town six year old with dreams of, “aspiring to become a Springbok maybe one day” when he started to play rugby. Mentioning his biggest supporters, “my mom and dad and obviously my brother,” they were, “always there.”

As the progeny of a rugby family, it came as no surprise when he took to the sport like a bird to the sky.

Learning to fly was tough for Etzebeth. Frustrated by not making 1st XV team he still chose to focus his attention, energy, and passion to rugby. He continued to push and persevere making his way to the Western Province youth structures. Trading is a choice like rugby was for Eben.


A Career Begins

The star lock admitted he too was human. Confidence is essential for success on the platform and field. When asked how he manages his own he said, “I think you go through stages, you get stages were you might doubt yourself, obviously when I was at school I didn’t make the 1st XV school side, so you start doubting yourself, but, you must always believe and luckily I never stopped believing and I got my opportunity.” Determination to see his dream through is why Olymp Trade is proud to have him as our Brand Ambassador.

Etzebeth is no stranger to disappointment, like all traders he has felt its sting. On the topic, he said, “disappointment, it is something I have come to get over and think of the new challenges and next job. You must start working harder and then you will get it.”

This outlook helped him contribute greatly to his teams many rugby championships.

With his stick-to-it attitude, the South African star takes each game seriously. He recognizes  practice helps him feel prepared for the big game, a sentiment most investors would agree with.

“Before an important game, there are always nerves, which are good… You trained during the week, so you can fall back on that practice… I think we prepare well as a team and we can take confidence from that.” As a seasoned veteran of Test matches and the soon to be Rugby World Cup, he has his pre-game ritual down to a science.



The Wisdom of a Veteran

Throughout the years Eben has played in numerous high-pressure games for the Stormers and Springboks. He also had a short stint for Docomo in Japan which gave him a different outlook and experience that he was able to bring back to SA. He believes that “It is important to prepare yourself mentally as well.

Obviously, when you have been playing for longer you get used to it and you know how to prepare yourself for the game… I think each player prepares himself differently.” Traders do technical and or fundamental analysis to prepare, Etzebeth and his teammates have their own ways to prepare.

As a Springbok, Eben is honoured to have the opportunity to represent SA rugby. He told us, “Putting on that green and gold jersey. That is the thing I work for. That’s why I get up early in the morning, that’s why I do extra gym sessions and extra fitness sessions is to play for my country.”

Knowing your reason for the hard work you put in is helpful as in a trader stays on track and focused.

When asked to give a word of advice for his fans Eben responded, “my advice would be, if the dream is big enough the facts don’t count, you can be whatever you want to become … don’t let anyone ever tell you can’t succeed, I think if you really believe that you can and your dream is big enough, you will make it.”

It was a truly inspiring time with Eben Ebzebeth our new Olymp Trade Brand Ambassador. His passion for life and rugby mirror that of many of our traders which is why we chose Eben. We wish him the best of luck for the Rugby World Cup, but with his determination, hard work, and sheer iron will, he may not need it. Olymp Trade is happy to have International rugby star Eben Etzebeth as our Brand Ambassador.

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