On the hook: how to protect yourself from scammers

    The number of those who came to the dark side of the Internet increased in direct proportion to the growth of e-commerce dynamics. Such people choose to get engaged in fraudulent activities. And their main goal is your money.

    Unfortunately, rogues are paying more and more attention to Olymp Trade clients. Some gullible traders share their personal data or simply transfer money to the criminals. In this article, we will talk about common online scams and ways to protect yourself from fraudsters.


    Trust management

    One day a stranger contacts you on a social website. He says that he is an experienced professional trader and offers to invest in his trade. Of course, the profit will be shared in half. Or you might be offered even more tempting conditions.

    To prove his words, the stranger adds screenshots of his successful transactions or withdrawals of considerable sums of money via various payment instruments.

    Sometimes such person’s social media account looks quite real. Scammers can take real people’s photos and pass them off as their own ones.

    Trust management leads to losses in 99% of the cases, and the provided screenshots are nothing but one’s skillful work in Photoshop. If they offer you a phone or Skype conversation, you should get even more suspicious. This person is most likely a real professional, who is able to talk you into losing your money easily.

    Be under no illusion and do not look for someone who will work for you. Scammers are ready to promise anything in order to use your naivity for their benefits.


    Fake Olymp Trade representatives

    Olymp Trade staff does not promote any services or shares through individual contact with a client on his social network account. All the events (contests, tournaments, etc.) are announced in the platform’s official communities, as well as via e-mails. Also you can find the same information on our website www.olymptrade.com.

    If some person contacts you online and introduces himself as an Olymp Trade employee, you should know that he is a fraudster. They usually ask users to send their documents for the verification of the account or their login and password.

    The fraudster can tell you that he is the only one who knows about some technical vulnerability of the platform and offer to make money using your account. Sometimes they promise to credit your account with a big bonus or help earn on the platform. You can get such offers via instant messengers and emails.

    To know for sure who is an inside person, and who is an intruder, check the official Olymp Trade emails:

    kyc@olymptrade.com— e-mail address of the verification department

    support-ru@olymptrade.com — technical support for Russian-speaking users

    support-en@olymptrade.com — technical support for English-speaking users

    support-th@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from Thailand

    support-id@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from Indonesia

    support-br@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from Brazil

    support-es@olymptrade.com — technical support for Spanish-speaking users

    support-tr@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from Turkey

    support-vn@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from Vietnam

    support-cn@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from China

    support-ar@olymptrade.com — technical support for Arabic-speaking users

    support-hi@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from India

    support-my@olymptrade.com — technical support for users from Malaysia

    vip@olymptrade.com — the department working with VIP clients


    Better conditions

    If you are offered:

    • faster funds withdrawal;

    • an increased bonus;

    • higher yield;

    • any other “privilege” in exchange for transferring money, giving a login and password of your account, scans of your documents or any personal data – be sure that these people are scammers.

    The Olymp Trade Company provides all traders with the same trading conditions.

    VIP users are an exception. Such traders get increased profitability and other privileges. However, the process of getting the VIP status is strictly regulated. It is possible to get one using the platform’s features, not the communication on social networks.


    Phishing or popups

    This one is an advanced scheme. Which means that the levels of its danger and effectiveness are advanced, too.

    Phishing is a type of fraud when a rogue sends an email or other message with a request to go on olymptrade.com and perform an operation: confirm the password, receive a bonus or a prize.

    Such emails are usually official-looking, but after clicking on the link and entering the data, you will lose access to your account.

    It is important to make sure that the email is really from the Olymp Trade company before opening the it and clicking on any links.



    Those who like using various robots and extra programs for trading on the platform. Scammers create a program or extensions for the browser and present it as the Holy Grail of trading.

    A user is offered to either buy the program or try a demo version. To prove the effectiveness, they attach videos or screenshots of a large number of successful transactions. Such evidence must be treated skeptically.

    The trader downloads the software, installs it and loses access to his account or page on the social network. Scammers also try to obtain all personal information on your computer or a smartphone.

    We strongly recommend that you do not look for easy ways in trading. Those who are looking for them, get into a trap and lose time and money.


    Fake websites

    To cheat you out of your money, scammers create web pages that can look somewhat like Olymp Trade official resources. They can have a similar domain name (for example, olymptade2018.com, olymptradeproffit.com, olymptrademoney.byz, etc.)

    They will offer you to either log in to your existing account, or fund your account and get a huge bonus for the replenishment. Whatever the scenario is, after doing what they ask you to, you can lose the access to the account, as well as the money.


    Fake apps

    We have received complaints about legitimate looking fake Olymp Trade smartphone apps repeatedly. They present such offers as:

    • win-win signals;

    • a profitable robot for trading;

    • effective training.

    Since scammers work quite skillfully, they manage to outflank Apple and Google surface check. As a result, traders get into troubles.



    Haven’t you been offered to re-register your account via a link to get a super bonus, super strategy or super signal? It is better to shun such offers.

    Firstly, criminals can promise you anything. Secondly, a person can only have one account on the Olymp Trade platform. Thirdly, by clicking on the link, you can become a phishing victim or create an account in a fraudulent company.

    Be extremely careful with such offers. Your trading account is your fortress, which you need to protect.



    Training in trading in financial markets is a well-known business. Such coaches are not responsible for your results, and often simply retell you the contents of well-known books on technical analysis.

    Is such training worth paying for? Of course not, because there is a team of highly proficient specialists, who create easy-to-understand teaching materials for Olymp Trade. Training on the platform is absolutely free.


    Strategy purchase

    Beginning traders who haven’t chosen their trading strategy yet are common victims of the scammers who offer them to buy a unique effective strategy. The strategy that can help one get out of any difficult situation. The users might think: “If people buy this strategy it means it really works.”

    Do not let them fool you. There are no 100% profitable strategies. Take this axiom as the basis of trading.


    The main security rules

    It’s time we summed up and told you about the security rules that will protect your trading account from hacking, and your money from getting into the scammers’ pockets.

    Rule No.1. Two-factor authentication will link your account to your mobile phone number. When authorizing on the platform, you will receive an SMS message with a unique code that you will need to enter.

    Rule No.2. Improve your digital hygiene. Do not click on any links on questionable forums, websites, social communities. Try to interact only with the official resources of Olymp Trade.

    Rule No.3. Do not enter your personal data (login and password) anywhere, except the official website www.olymptrade.com.

    Rule No.4. Never share your personal data (login and password) with anyone.

    Rule No.5. Pass the verification procedure only through interaction with the Know your customer department (e-mail: kyc@olymptrade.com)

    Rule No.6. Do not download questionable programs on your computer or smartphone.

    Rule No.7. If there is a suspicion of hacking your trading account, please contact technical support. They will certainly help you.

    Despite all skills the scammers have, it is not so difficult to confront them. It is important to be careful, know their criminal schemes and observe simple security rules.

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