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OneDollarChallenge: How to Win Twice

Both Traders and Analysts Participate in a New Challenge from Olymp Trade

The Olymp Trade team continues a series of events for the trading community. The challenge format has shown excellent results. We decided to go on and improve this kind of competition.

The Olymp Trade analysts were the main participants of Profit Challenge&Quest held in March. In OneDollarChallenge, traders will be taking part as well!


Who, When and How

Our new OneDollarChallenge will take place on the official Olymp Trade YouTube channels from June 22 to July 4, 2020. The results will be summed up on July 6. The event will combine two challenges — one for analysts and one for traders.

This is a great opportunity to get practical knowledge from the best experts of the company, achieve excellent trading results, and, of course, win prizes!

The main requirement for participation is using a special promotional code when making a deposit. The promo code will only be valid through one week. We will publish the first code on June 22. The second one will be published on June 29. The deposit amount does not matter: the position amount starts at $1.

The results of the challenge for users will be summed up twice, at the end of each week:

  • Monday, June 29;
  • Monday, July 6.


Terms of Participation in the Challenge

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel:
  • Top up your account with any amount using the promo code. You will not be able to make an additional deposit during the challenge, otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • You can take part in the challenge for one or two weeks in a row. The promo code for the second week will be published on June 29.
  • The challenge applies to all assets and trading modes.


A Chance to Win Twice

The main task of the competition is to find the most number of good entry points and open the maximum number of successful trades. Open positions in FTT and Forex modes, use all the instruments available, take part in additional activities and win.

The winners are determined at the end of each trading week of the challenge by the number of successful trades they opened from Monday through Sunday. You can win new service levels, sets of risk-free trades, and access to consultations with a personal analyst.


Analysts Battle

Eight company analysts from different countries will also take part in the challenge. Each of them will get $100 into their deposit. Live streams will be available on YouTube three times a week.

Trading schedule:

Week One: June 22–27

Week Two: June 29 – July 3

They will be trading on different kinds of assets in FTT and Forex modes simultaneously:

  • Monday, 22.06 — major currency pairs;
  • Wednesday, 24.06 — cross currency pairs;
  • Saturday, 27.06 — cryptocurrencies;
  • Monday29.06 — shares;
  • Wednesday, 01.07 — commodities;
  • Friday, 03.07 — indices and ETF.

The analyst who makes the most number of successful trades, wins the battle. The winner will be determined on July 6, after two weeks of competition.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch trading in real time:

Join OneDollarChallenge: trade, learn, share your experience, read the news and win!


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