A perfect workplace: a dream or reality?

Trading is not just a highly profitable and risky activity. Professional traders say that over time, it becomes a lifestyle.

It is not about thinking of transactions, deals, and heads of central banks 24 hours a day. One day any job you do begins to affect your life, clothes, habits and even the manner of speaking.

If your trading enthusiasm is just at the initial stage, it is still necessary to arrange your workspace right now. To do this, you need to understand the conditions under which you will work and study trading. It is also essential to create a recreation area.


A study and paper

Sometimes people differ in their views on what the work place should be and what tools they use diametrically. For example, Warren Buffett makes strategic decisions, guided only by what he reads on paper.

Such documents can be accounting statements or newspaper articles. He practically does not use a computer. Look at Buffett’s office and notice that the only electronic device on his desk is the phone.


The world and the Internet

Admired by day traders, Timothy Sykes sometimes seems insane. He floods his accounts on social networks with photos, where he shows that the working process is possible in the most extreme conditions.

Sykes’ workplace is the whole world where he can connect his MacBook to wifi. Nevertheless, we managed to find an example of a more serious approach to trading than working among penguins. We think that, in fact, Timothy’s money is being made just like that.

There are three screens: one with an exchange terminal and two of them Timothy uses for reading news. Everything is at hand, and there is probably something for connecting with friends on social networks.


Conservatism and progress

One could say that Buffett’s methods are hopelessly outdated. Indeed, the denial of progress leads to defeat. The cryptocurrency or IT sector, where the one who snoozes, really loses, is a good example of this. However, Sykes’s style is not perfect, either.

To work with markets thoughtfully, especially doing fundamental analysis, it is often necessary to have paper documents before your eyes. And to improve skills by reading books is still more common for many people than by doing online courses or watching webinars. Accordingly, everything needs a balance.


Comfort and excesses

There are no special secrets in the arrangement of the ideal trader’s workplace. For comfortable trading, you can confine yourself to a comfortable office chair, a good desk and a computer with two monitors. Any non-essentials will only harm and distract your attention.

Always try to keep a blank paper, a register of transactions and a diary of emotions on the table. Observing the market and your emotional state is a part of your work, so provide yourself with the tools to carry it out.


Darkness and light

Do not forget to provide your workplace with high-quality lighting. Leave the shadows to the hackers. Place the desk near the window, and if this is not possible, add a good desk lamp to the electric lighting of the room.

Note that Buffett’s desktop is lighted quite intensively, with the windows shut by the shutters. (The financial holding company Berkshire Hathaway headed by him has a capitalization of $ 490 billion. They have things to hide).

So, your workspace is well lit, convenient and equipped with the necessary working tools. The deal is done, the ideal is found!


Work and rest


If the workplace can (and should) be adjusted to specific standards, the recreation area is created based solely on personal preferences. The most popular home pastime of modern man is watching movies and serials, reading books and immersing oneself in virtual reality.

Things are simple for the fans of computer games and series. A computer is a tool for work and rest in one. As for book lovers, we advise you to think about organizing a corner for reading. To do this, you will need a bookcase or a shelf and a comfortable chair.

And by the way. Books on trading contain a lot of interesting information. Often they can provide you with elements of future trading strategies. So do not forget to take notes and fix the most interesting things.

Relaxation and sport

And there is another thing. Whatever kind of trader you are, conservative or progressive, and whatever type of rest you prefer, you should never forget about physical activity.

Modern design solutions allow people to organize a small sports hall right inside their house. Multifunctional horizontal bar, a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells will not occupy a lot of space. And daily 10 or 20-minute classes without walking away from the screens will perfectly fit into the busy schedule of a trader.

Try to diversify your life, also by making changes in your home. It is not necessary to start a revolution and begin extensive repairs. Sometimes you just need to put things in their places.

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