Secrets of BSFF Method. Four Steps to Become a Lion in Trading

Today we will talk about the unconscious in the trading psychology. First of all, this side of our mental activity can be compared to a sleeping animal. And sometimes not just one.

A lion and a hyena

Sometimes a lion awakens inside us, and we start earning tens and hundreds of percent of profits. You will agree that it would be great to follow only this scenario.

However, in reality, there is another animal who leads a comfortable life in our subconscious. Let’s call it a hyena.

It’s typical for a hyena to be cowardly and reckless at the same time, as well as to have its emotions out of control, which leads to unprofitable transactions and neglecting the rules of a successful trader.

Can a lion lose? Speaking of trading, the answer is yes. No one is protected from the invisible hand of the market. However, it is important to stay a lion. The behavior of another animal is common and uninteresting. A lion can become the head of the pride, and a hyena can only pick up the remains and do stupid things.

A Success Set

A man is characterized by the opportunity to choose and form his own principles. The psychological setting predetermines our trading results. It influences the decisions we make, our attitude to the outside world and the events that are taking place.

You will agree that it is easier for an optimistic trader to accept a temporary drawdown, as soon as belief in better future is an integral part of his personality. And it’s more difficult for a pessimist to deal with temporary setbacks, but in turn less emotional things, like transaction analysis and training, are more manageable for him.

If you want to become a true lion in trading and form right psychological sets, welcome. We start working with the subconscious.

The BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) technique of deprogramming will be our main tool. It was created by Larry Nims, a famous psychologist widely popular with the Western traders.

Step One: Making a List

You won’t succeed if you lie to yourself. Concentrate and make a detailed list of things that prevent you from becoming a successful trader. Include all your fears and prejudices.

It should look something like this: “My relatives do not believe that one can make money at home. I’m afraid that the strategies will stop working and I will lose money. I do not admit the possibility that I will be able to increase the amount of money on my account 100 times …”

Be ready to face a block of such thoughts from the subconscious. The brain has a kind of alarm system that tries to stop such “excavation” inside itself. Nevertheless, try to set down everything.

Step Two: Creating an Instruction

The creator of the BSFF technique suggests that you enter a keyword to activate your protection from the negative. Better use words that are not related to your problems.

Let’s imagine that a “brick” is such a word. Read everything that you wrote at the first step again. Now make up a text that will “activate” your self-confidence, which is a trader’s durable shell.

For example: “If I start thinking that due to my negative thoughts I can not trade profitably and I am taking wrong steps, then I will just say the word” brick “ — and the problems will DISSOLVE!”

Step Three: Getting Used to the Recognition

Now we need to understand our weaknesses fully, let’s say, to get close to them. This will require looking at the list you’ve made as often as possible, and even reading it aloud.

Remember the first emotions you had while writing about everything that hinders you. Uncertainty, fear, melancholy …

A lion looks into the opponent’s eyes. Just do the same. Accept your weaknesses. Read until the negative and cowardice disappear. This exercise will allow you to change the attitude to your flaws. It will be easier for you to accept yourself and make another step towards self-development.

Step Four: Fixing the Result

Let’s take the list again. Now we need to transform negative things into positive ones.

Suppose there was something like this: “My relatives do not believe that one can make money at home.” This negative belief is quite significant for many traders.

Rewrite it like this: “I know that my relatives do not have the knowledge that I have, so they say so. This negative orientation is no longer valid. I feel freedom. “

At the end of each converted sentence, you can add a code word in order to integrate it into your subconscious as deeply as possible.

* * *

Remember that only those who tirelessly develop, win. Continue to improve your professional skills, including understanding the psychology of trading. Working with such sets will help you reduce stress and create a qualitative foundation for personal growth.

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