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Summer innovations on Olymp Trade

July&August updates of the Olymp Trade platform

The Olymp Trade team has been working hard on the platform improvement over the last three months. As a result, you can now see that not only its interface but the trading conditions have been significantly changed.



Let’s begin with a part with most visible changes. In the beta version of the platform, the information about trades and orders was moved to the right side menu but we kept its usual information content and the option of closing the trade quickly. Please note that this pane can be hidden.

As for the Help menu, which you use to contact the support service, get signals in the Fixed Time mode or watch training videosyou can now find it to the left of the chart (this menu can also be hidden).

Please note that there is a new option of accessing the settings menu above the online user counter. You can use it to edit the basic parameters of the chart, add and remove the indicators menu, set the strike price in the Fixed Time mode or enable the function of one click trading.


A change in the conditions of Forex trading

There is great news for those who prefer foreign exchange trading.

  • First of all, we no longer take double commission for the holding a position overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. We remind you that this Olymp Trade fee is a counterpart to the classical swap, but it is fixed, and easy to calculate. To do it, just take a look at the assets specification.
  • Secondly, the maximum position size including the multiplier was increased to $2 million, and the total volume of trades in all instruments was increased to $4 million.
  • Thirdly, you can use the x100 multiplier when trading metals, while previously it was limited to x50. We recommend that you use this update in the current conditions of high volatility of gold and silver prices.

And there is another change that affects Forex traders: the commission amount in the trading menu is now displayed in currency values, not as a percentage.


Education and analytics on the platform

You must have noticed the Education & Analytics section in the Help desk. It is designed to make it easier for traders to learn and analyze the market.

The service is divided into three sections:

  • Trends—an algorithm designed to follow the trends in different asset charts online.
  • Analytics—brief reviews of what is happening in the world of finance.
  • Training—basic course on trading in the question-and-answer format.


Тhe World Race Tournament

In 2019 Olymp Trade became a sponsor of the LCR Honda MotoGP™ team. To honor this event, the platform ran the World Race Tournament with a fully paid trip and 2 VIP passes to the MotoGP™ Thailand Grand Prix race as the main prize. Two other winners got an IPhone XR and an Apple Watch Series 4.

At this event, traders accomplished achievements to get points, bonuses and risk-free trades. However, the decisive factor was the number of points gained, as it depended on the participant’s position in the tournament rating.

We received a lot of positive feedback, and we will definitely hold similar competitions in the future.

Autumn is coming, and trading activity will traditionally increase. We hope you have had a great time this summer, and are now ready to take your trades to greater heights on the Olymp Trade platform.

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