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The Olymp Trade App Global Update

The updated Olymp Trade Android App is available in Google Play

Hundreds of thousands of traders all over the globe use Olymp Trade’s mobile app. It is really important for our team to constantly improve the app’s performance and functionality.

Today we are ready to release a global update for Android devices. Even if you have never used a smartphone or tablet for trading, it is time you downloaded the official Olymp Trade application and step into the world of mobile trading.

In this article, we will tell you about the obvious advantages the update has.


Horizontal layout

There was no horizontal layout in the old version of the app. Some users found that uncomfortable because they could see only a part of the asset history and had to scroll through the chart to analyze the price in detail or increase the time frame.

We have heeded your requests. The app’s latest update added a horizontal layout to make the use of technical analysis tools more comfortable. At the same time, the trading conditions menu has not lost its functionality.


The most useful for technical analysis

To work fully with support and resistance levels, trends, and patterns, a trader should master different graphical tools. The new version of the Olymp Trade Android App enables its users to access horizontal, vertical, and trend lines.

Recall that core technical analysis strategies are based on search for visual patterns. So the use of horizontal marking and trend lines will help you better understand the trends.


Brand new chart

Just try it! Not only does our chart look better now but it has also become more productive. To make it work, we switched to OpenGL 3.0. But you will only be able to use the browser version of the trading platform if your device does not support it (the API is supported by all devices released over the last 10 years).


Learn how to trade using a smartphone

The Olymp Trade App has built-in training courses and tips from the StocksUp service. Download the new version and get everything you need for a good start in using your smartphone or tablet for trading on the spot! Now you can forget about the useless online search for valuable information.


And above all … Advisers!

We are happy to announce that our app has been updated with the Expert Advisers function. Are you surprised? They are no trading robots, it is you who decides to open a trade. However, the automated helpers will prompt you when you can do it.

Every Expert Adviser has a built-in trading strategy. The first iteration has the systems based on such indicators as the SMA, MACD, Parabolic SAR, Awesome Oscillator, and Alligator.

  •  “The Moving Average”. It is a basic strategy, which generations of traders have been using. You don’t need anything extra—just two SMAs with different periods. The first SMA is more smooth, the second one is sharper. Their intersection gives you a signal to open a trade.
  • MACD professional. Traders receive signals when all the necessary conditions for MACD, EMA, and Parabolic SAR have been met. The strategy is popular with experienced traders.
  • “Predatory gaze”. Based on the Alligator and Awesome Oscillator indicators, this strategy helps traders determine the beginning of a new trend.

Anything else?

  1. The asset filter has been added. It is now much easier to find a particular instrument or sort through a specific category.
  1. The indicator settings remain unchanged when you switch to a different time frame or asset. That simplifies the trading process for those who prefer applying the same strategy to various assets.
  1. The indicator toolbar has been improved. The process of choosing and setting the indicator has become easier, and oscillators (the RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, etc) have been grouped separately.

You can use our mobile trading platform to make trades online whenever and wherever you like. Download the updated Olymp Trade Android App now!


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