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Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest

Olymp Trade invites everyone to a one-of-a-kind event on its 7th anniversary

Olymp Trade turns 7 this week. It’s an amazing event that deserves a magical celebration that would grant everyone a reward.

The Super 7 Quest is a week-long trading contest that offers various tasks dedicated to specific platform features known as the 7 Magical Artifacts. By completing the tasks, traders will earn Stones which will grant them guaranteed prizes such as XP points and promo codes. Also, the more Stones they get, the greater their chance to win in the final prize drawing with a total Quest fund of $100,000. Everyone aboard!


The Super 7 Quest

The Quest’s main theme is the magic of the number 7. In keeping with this, the event will last seven days, starting on September 22 and ending on September 28.

Each day will be dedicated to one of the central features of the Olymp Trade platform, represented by one of the 7 Magical Artifacts. Traders, Olymp Trade’s superheroes, will be offered multiple trading challenges to unleash their superpowers. As they complete the chosen tasks, they will earn magical Stones.

All participants who win Stones will later be awarded bonus codes, XP points, and risk-free trades. Therefore, everyone who takes part in the Quest and earns at least one Stone is guaranteed a reward.

On top of that, with the earned Stones, traders will be able to participate in the final prize drawing that takes place at the end of the Super 7 Quest. Here, they will serve as tokens. The more of them a trader accumulates, the higher probability of winning one of the large prizes.

Winners will be chosen by a randomizer in the course of 50 drawings with the final Quest prize fund of $100,000 and individual prize values from $250 to $32,000. It will be streamed online on October 1.


The 7 Magical Artifacts and Double Rewards

Olymp Trade has chosen seven platform features that help make the trading experience more comfortable and effective and they are represented as the 7 Artifacts. Each of the 7 days of the Quest is dedicated to one of these Artifacts.

Completing tasks on a corresponding day with the Artifact of the Day will grant double Stones as a reward. At the same time, all tasks for all the 7 Artifacts are available from the very beginning of the Quest, so it is up to traders to choose which ones they prefer to complete on a given day.

The Tournament Sword

The recently launched Events tab offers traders access to regular Tournaments such as the Weekly Cup. It offers traders to compete for great prizes every week, and the current Weekly Cup’s prize fund is as big as $200,000. These events offer regularly refreshed trading challenges and corresponding rewards on top of the daily trading routine.

Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest - The Tournament Sword

The Promocode Fan

This artifact refers to the gallery of promo codes with which traders may increase their next deposit, get a discount on a premium status, or enjoy other perks that help you get more for less. The gallery is accessible through Deposits in the platform’s Payments section.

Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest - The Promocode Fan

The Trading Shield

Olymp Trade’s Stop Loss and Take Profit are indispensable tools that help limit possible losses and lock in potential gains. Therefore, with SL/TP enabled, your trades will close automatically at exactly the right moment even when you’re away from the platform.

Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest - The Trading Shield

The Round-the-Clock

Trading OTC is available over the weekend, and composite indices are available 24/7. For many traders, it’s a crucial advantage as they don’t have to wait for specific hours or days of the week, enjoying round-the-clock opportunities to make additional profits.

Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest - The Round-the-Clock

The Decision Compass

With the ready-to-go trading strategies and technical analysis tools, traders can increase the accuracy of their trading decisions. Therefore, these tools work like a Compass that helps navigate the financial markets more effectively. Also, the price level notifications help track the price movements at all times.

Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest - The Decision Compass

The Infini-vestment

Potentially infinite profit opportunities are available to traders with the recently introduced Stock Price Trades mode. This mode offers a new trading mechanic based on client-oriented trading conditions with a multitude of global corporations to trade on.

Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest - The Infini-vestment

The Knowledge Book

Accessible through the Help tab, Olymp Trade’s Help Center is a wealth of knowledge about the platform, trading strategies, and trading in general. FAQs, articles, and video tutorials will help expand the practical knowledge of traders of any level.

Olymp Trade’s Super 7 Quest - The Knowledge Book


Take On the Challenge

With these Magical Artifacts, any trader can unleash their trading superpowers to gain rewards and participate in the Quest’s final prize drawing. Are you one of Olymp Trade’s Superheros? Welcome to the Quest!

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