To See the World and to Find Oneself. Part II

4 места для полной перезагрузки

In the previous article we started talking about the places where you can not only relax, but feel the taste of life again and regain your vigours for new achievements. Today, we will tell you about Jamaica and Japan.

Jamaica. The Island of Pirates

This island state was glorified by Bob Marley, a famous reggae performer. In his songs he sang about people’s kindness, the Sun and dances. But, despite his worldwide popularity, Marley it’s not everything you should know about Jamaica.

The history of the island is rich in events. In the Middle Ages, the Spaniards landed in Jamaica, then the English took control of the island, as well as the pirates, who chose the coast of Jamaica as the parking zone. That is the place where they started and finished raids in the Caribbean, the place where the sea rovers plundered the merchants and engaged with naval ships.

The pirate romance has gone, today people come to Jamaica mainly for the sake of beautiful beaches. But, not everyone knows that it is still possible to literally touch the past of this amazing country. Of course, if you know how to scuba dive.

Port Royal is the pirate capital of Jamaica. However, it will not be easy to find this place on the map. There are only a few buildings left in the settlement, which was rather large for that time period. And, while looking at them, it’s hard to believe that nearly 10,000 people lived there four centuries ago.

In the 17th century, the earthquake hit this place, and a huge part of the city sank into the sea. And now groups of divers from all over the world come to the south of Jamaica to slog down straight to the remnants of Port Royal.

Try to explore the underwater ruins, where you can still find artifacts of the life that used to pulse through the place: clay pipes, bottles and mugs. And, if you enjoy by this adventure your next stop could be the US ship Texas Wreck, which sank nearby in 1944.

Japan. Melt into Tokyo

More than 35 million people live in the capital of the most scientifically advanced state of Asia (and, possibly, the world). Perhaps, it is only in Tokyo where you can experience absolutely paradoxical relaxation, the feeling of freedom and loneliness in the crowds of people hurrying somewhere up and down the streets of the megalopolis. The people who couldn’t care less about you.

However, museumgoers and history lovers will also have a great time there, because Japan is a country with a very rich culture. The first written mention of its capital dates back to the XII century, but the archaeological data show that the territory of modern Tokyo was inhabited in the Stone Age.

A must visit place for all Japan lovers is a palace and park of the Emperor. But if we are talking about successful people who come to Japan to reload, then the main destination of their pilgrimage is the samurai museum.

These ancient professional warriors immaculately and faithfully served their shogun (the supreme commander and ruler) and were the incarnations of true tranquility and fortitude for the rest of the people.

The armor of the Japanese warriors is a masterpiece. Each element of the armor identified the genealogy of the samurai and his position in society. The details of the ammunition not only showed the status of the warrior, but also let the enemy understand who he was fighting with.

Samurai also became famous for their peaceful affairs. Many of them were engaged in trade, even despite the shogun’s prohibitions. The character tempered in persistent training, battles and military campaigns allowed the samurai to be successful in almost everything.

Perhaps, after a walk along the streets of Tokyo, you can feel a little bit like a samurai, too. A bit will be enough to understand that you are ready to take the next step towards success.

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