Mike Bellafiore. Real values ​​of a true trader

A “successful trader” — this word combination is usually associated with being filthy rich. Cars, travels, expensive wines … in short, this person is supposed to possess everything his or her less successful colleagues feel envy about. But is it true? Mike “Bella” Bellafiore is a famous trader who started his career in the 90s. He became a co-founder of SMB Capital, a well-known company, which is considered to be one of the best trading companies in the world. Its employees buy and sell shares of companies, currency and other financial instruments for millions of dollars on a daily basis.

We wanted to know the details about the lifestyle of the creator of the real trading empire. How many Ferrari he keeps in his garage, how much his new yacht cost and which Caribbean beaches he spends his free time on.

Social networks as a mirror of life

As you know, the best way to find out more about the life of a famous person is to study his or her personal pages on social networking sites. Bellafiore is registered on Twitter, where he from time to time publishes his own teaching materials and notes on the shares. He also has a Facebook account. However, Mike is quite rarely active, and everything he posts is related to trading.

And just as we thought that it is hardly possible to find the necessary information, when we found Mike Bellafiore’s Instagram profile.

To be honest, no one could be surprised more than we were. We did not see a single sports car, a luxury yacht or apartments. The only floating device in Mike’s pictures was an ordinary fishing boat, which he uses to sail with his family along the shoreline of Lake George, USA.

A family as a source of inspiration

Most of the pictures capture Mike’s children, his wife and his father. It seems that the family is almost the only source of professional inspiration for “Bella” (a nickname given to Mike by colleagues). By the way, all experts link the psychological stability of a person with his or her family relationships. And most likely, Mike knows about it.

The images show how much time our hero and his family spend doing sports. Bellafiore himself was a real athlete when he was training at the Faculty of Law, and now he encourages his children to work out. In one of the photos, his son holds a bat like a professional. And his daughter is obviously good at gymnastics.

Sports and career

Mike Bellafiore is an avid fan. He prefers American football, baseball and basketball, and he often visits games of his favorite teams with his family. However, in the photos at the stadiums, we did not find a single hint that Mike prefers to support his favorite team at VIP boxes, he always gets ordinary seats in the stands.

By the way, according to Bellafiore, the chances to succeed in trading are higher for those who devote enough time to sports. Although there are a lot of exceptions in this rule. In his book “One Good Trade”, Mike tells us a story of a young trader (a former basketball player) who could not get results just because he did not like trading. And it turns out that true love for business is often more important than one’s athletic background.

Not only a trader, but also a tutor

Despite his achievements, Mike continues to attend various events on trading and financial markets. Professional training is one of the activities his company provides for traders. Bellafiore constantly studies and works to attract new minds to the company.

Television fame also did not shun him. “Bell” is invited to the programs for Yahoo Finance channel, and his partners and employees have become famous for participating in the popular television show StockTwits TV on CNBC. Trading is becoming more and more affordable. Almost anyone can start trading from scratch at home, and it is important for novice traders to get professional advice from a real master.

Gratitude as a reward

Mike often says with a slight nostalgia, that now he is less and less in trade himself as he devotes more and more time to educating and training new generations of traders. But this is how he sees his mission at present, and his students’ words of gratitude prove that “Bella” has taken a right decision. For example:

“Bella, thank you for being with me from the very beginning. You’ve been following and supporting me at the time when I was a zero before I became a trader. I’m really grateful for that. “

Mike Bellafiore is successful and rich. And his example is significant because Mike’s trading enthusiasm is not expressed in crazy consumerism. On the contrary, he lives a quiet life, spends a lot of time with his family, shares his experience with colleagues, and never forgets about his favorite business. Maybe this inner balance is the main reason for his success?

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