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U.S. Independence Day: Which Assets Will Be Affected

Know which instruments will be impacted on July 3rd

Olymp Trade, as the broker has no influence over when assets are and are not being traded, which is why it is important that we keep our clients informed.


As Saturday is Independence Day in the U.S.: a federal holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, most American assets will be affected on Friday, July 3rd. Below is the full list of instruments that will be impacted.


Early closures


  • S&P 500 – ES – 17:00 GMT
  • NASDAQ – NQ – 17:00 GMT
  • DOW JONES – YM – 17:00 GMT
  • RUSSEL 2000 – TF – 17:00 GMT
  • Nikkei 225 – NKD – 17:00 GMT

Raw Materials:

  • Natural Gas – NG – 17:00 GMT
  • BRENT – _BRN – 17:30 GMT


  • Gold – XAUUSD – 17:00 GMT
  • Silver – XAGUSD – 17:00 GMT
  • Platinum – PL – 17:00 GMT
  • Copper – HG – 17:00 GMT

Closed for the day

  • U.S. Stocks and ETFs – Closed


All assets will return to their normal trading schedules on 06/7.

While schedules are altered is a great time to explore new assets on Forex market. Take this opportunity to broaden your trading portfolio and trade new instruments.

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