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We Disbanded The More Tab

Find Out Where All The Menus Went

As it was, our More tab was a collection of menus that we felt weren’t fit with other tabs. So, we decided to just put them into an additional tab that will allow us to conserve the space on the tab panel, as well as contain miscellaneous tabs that didn’t mesh with others.

That, however, led to another problem: sometimes, our users were left confused on how to find some tools and settings. And so we decided to rectify that, by disbanding the tab altogether and moving menus from there to places we felt are appropriate. Let’s take a look at these changes.


Changes In Olymp Trade Web

In our Web version, you would find the following changes:

  • Story and Settings are moved to the Profile tab. Here, you can easily verify your account, change your password, ad set up a 2FA for additional security;

  • Statuses menu is also moved to the Profile, and you can find it under Trader’s Way → Info menu;

  • The Deposit tab will be renamed to Payments;
  • There, you will find the Transactions menu, Special Offers, and Transfer. In Payments, you will also find Deposit and Withdraw menus, which were previously accessible via Accounts;

  • Special Offers, as you might know, allow you to use bonuses that come with our promo codes and special events. There are different ways for you to access our bonuses besides finding them in Payments. You can also access them via Accounts.

  • You will also be able to find Deposit and Withdraw in your Accounts tab;

  • Assets, Help Center, and Insights would be found under the Help tab.

As you can see, the Web version has seen quite a few changes with this update. Now, let’s take a closer look at mobile versions.


Changes In Olymp Trade Mobile

As of now, only the Android version of the app has been updated. However, the iOS version will be updated soon.

Changes in mobile versions are pretty similar to Web, but there are some differences there:

  • At the moment, you will be able to find Transaction in the Accounts tab, but later on, it will be moved to the Payments, the same as in the Web version.

Other than that, the mobile version was changed in the same way as the Web one, so there is no need to adapt to different menu placing between them.

And with that, we covered all changes that this new interface update brings. We hope that this article will help you to avoid confusion and will let you adapt to the changes quickly. Watch out for further updates on our blog!

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