Weekly News 15.06.2020–19.06.2020

Introducing the most complete review of the upcoming week from analysts Olymp Trade

Notable events of this week include OPEC’s monthly report, the BOE stimulus measures and a hearing on the Boeing case before the Senate.


Economic Calendar

16.06.2020 06:00 GMT 🇬🇧Average Weekly Earnings Including Bonus Pay — GBP/USD ▼

17.06.2020 12:30 GMT 🇨🇦Core Consumer Price Index (Core CPI) — USD/CAD ▲

18.06.2020 11:00 GMT 🇬🇧Interest Rate Decision — GBP/USD ▲

19.06.2020 12:30 GMT 🇨🇦Core Retail Sales (MoM) — USD/CAD ▲


June 15. Apple Is Back to the Office

Silicon Valley Apple employees will start gradually returning to the office. However, the company will keep a number of quarantine restrictions, such as a limited number of people allowed in the building simultaneously and the mandatory wearing of masks.


June 17. Hearings on Boeing and OPEC Report

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration chief Stephen Dixon will testify before the US Senate on the notorious Boeing 737 MAX model. The official should comment on the aircraft recertification process.

In mid-May, Boeing Executive Director David Calhoun said that the certification process was going well and that all the shortcomings had been eliminated.

OPEC publishes its traditional monthly oil market report. We remind you that the OPEC members, as well as other oil exporters, agreed to extend production cuts until the end of July. However, Saudi Arabia refused to voluntarily cut its oil output.


June 18. The Bank of England Stimulus Package

The Bank of England may announce an additional injection of £100 billion into UK government bonds. It is another stimulus measure taken to ensure the stability of the country’s economy during the crisis and to reduce risks from the uncertainty in trade relations with the EU.


June 19. The Twitter Day of Slavery Abolition

The Twitter Corporation has made this historic date a company holiday for all its employees in the United States. This is how the company expressed its solidarity with the protest movement, which gained strength after a US police officer killed George Floyd, an African-American citizen.

Twitter openly opposes the policy of President Donald Trump. In doing so, the company runs the risk of provoking a tightening of government regulation of the social networks.

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