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What’s New? The Olymp Trade Updates for September and October

The main Olymp Trade platform updates for September/October 2020

It’s time to share the info about our September and October platform updates. We will be covering the modified functionality, a new payment method, and some changes in the design. Also, we plan to talk about our 6th Birthday celebrations!


Olymp Trade App, Version 6.12 for Android

Mobile apps for online trading continue to be in high demand. Since September, Android users can place Forex orders, cancel the orders previously opened in any of the two trading modes, and view the details of their Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Besides, you can see your pending Forex orders in your Order History.


Timer and Trading Calendar

We continue to work on improving the info sections of the platform. Now, you can use a timer to know when the trading of an asset starts/ends. You can find this tool in this asset tab (Help Menu → Assets → choose your asset from the list). Also, we have added an interactive calendar to the Schedule tab. It tells you when an asset is available for trading.


New Payment Method

In September, we successfully expanded the line of our payment methods. You can now deposit and withdraw funds in ETH, the second-biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap that closely follows Bitcoin, the all-time market leader.

The minimum deposit/withdrawal amount for this method is $50/€ 50/R$350.

The maximum deposit/withdrawal amount is limited to $15,000/€15,000/R$50,000.



To know about the upcoming streams by the Olymp Trade experts, go to the Insights section. You will find the calendar of these events there.


Olymp Trade Celebrates its 6th Birthday!

In September, we all celebrated the company’s 6th Birthday and held some festive events to celebrate it. You had a chance to take part in a trading challenge and test your skills in different trading modes under the Olymp Trade experts’ guidance. Also, you could participate in a quiz to assess your knowledge of the platform. The participants and winners were rewarded with risk-free trades, bonuses, and consultations with our analysts. Last but not least, we introduced the new Inspire color scheme.

This celebration continued into October!

The biggest event was our $500,000 Tournament. Traders competed against each other, earned experience points (XP), and sought to prove their professionalism.

The major gift-giving event of the festive season was the Inspired Wheel. Everyone could participate in this tournament to compete for prizes like Porsche Macan, iPhone 12 Pro, or Apple Watch Series 6.


Statuses Extended for 90 Days, Trader’s Way Made Easier

Between October 30 and November 30, you can receive the Advanced or Expert Status for 90 days instead of 30. It’s not limited to the newly-minted Advanced and Expert status holders. On October 30, all the active Advanced and Expert traders had their status automatically extended for 90 days.

Almost three months of privileges would be enough to help anyone achieve success in trading, as both statuses mean increased profitability potential for the FTT mode, access to trading signals, analytics, and other instruments.

We should also mention another exciting news related to the status system. The number of experience points (XP) required to obtain a privileged status has been reduced by 30%. Besides, this discount has been applied to all the Trader’s Way rewards. To get upgraded to the Advanced Status, you need 19,800 XP. For the Expert Status, you need 160,000 XP.


Forex Strategies

The pre-configured trading strategies for the Advanced and Expert Statuses are now available in the Forex mode. Advanced traders have 6 strategies, and Experts enjoy as many as 12. The list includes trend and counter-trend strategies. Typically, a strategy is based on an effective combination of several indicators with unique settings.

You can learn more about using these systems by attending the Olymp Trade experts’ webinars or by consulting a personal analyst. You can request a back call from our specialist using the Olymp Trade platform or the mobile app.


Promo Codes Section

In October, we added the Promo Codes section to our trading platform interface.

Remember to check this section regularly: there, you will find various promo codes and offers, including status upgrade discounts, risk-free trades, and bonuses.


New Assets for FTT Added

For Fixed Time Trades (FTT), we have added Netflix, Amazon, Mastercard, and Nvidia stocks. Earlier, we added them to the list of the assets available in the Forex mode.

Fixed Time Trades with stocks become especially interesting when the stock market shows low volatility. During this period, FTT becomes a good alternative to classical Forex trading.


Interface changes

Finally, we would like to tell you about how we changed the platform’s web version interface.

  • Now, trades are grouped by trading mode, and you can see their total finance result.
  • Stop Loss or Take Profit value can be shown as a percentage of the investment amount.
  • The experience you accumulated on the Trader’s Way is now clearly presented as a progressive scale below the chart.


Enjoy the updates and stay with Olymp Trade!
We have many good things in store for you.

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