World Cat Day is Here — A Trader’s Best Friend

Do cats make a real impact on your trading success?

The saying goes that cats own the world and we just live in it. World Cat Day (August 8th) is upon us so let’s take a look at how our furry little friends keep us company while we are trading. More properly called International Cat Day, it was started in 2002 to bring more awareness to the care and treatment of our feline friends.

Some claim that dogs are a man’s best friend, but many traders would disagree. As traders, many of us have the continual experience of our cats venturing onto our keyboards while we are working on our next big trade. And why not? Clearly, we are watching our screens with so much intensity that our companions want to know what’s so important. Perhaps they even want to know why we’re more interested in our screens than them.

Image by Aleksandar Cvetanović from Pixabay

On a more conspiratorial side, our cats may even be trying to warn or encourage us in our trading decisions. This might sound far-fetched, but with all the animal spirits in trading like bulls, bears, roosters, grasshoppers, pigs, etc. Have you ever heard of a cat trading spirit? Nope. Cats wouldn’t allow it.

The Dead Cat Bounce

Unfortunately, we do have the market term of a “dead cat bounce”, but let’s not spend too much time on analytical terms on World Cat Day. Instead, here are some stories from traders involving their cats.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay


Pebbles Opens a Position

Sam is a full-time day trader in Forex. He makes dozens of trades each day for quick turn around and profit. Sam told us a story of one day when his cat, Pebbles, started walking on his keyboard while he was making tea in the kitchen.

Image by acebrand from Pixabay

When Sam returned, Pebbles had opened a $5000 position in USD/JPY inadvertently. At first, Sam said he was worried about the trade and was about to immediately cancel it and just take the commission hit as a loss. But before he could cancel it, the market took a sharp jump and then carried on for the next 30 minutes.

Sam held off on closing the deal and 3 hours later he had profited nearly 30% off the position. Needless to say, Sam and Pebbles took the rest of the day off work. Instead, they just played around the house. Sam says Pebbles got some new toys and a fancy collar as commission.

Image by DigitalLove from Pixabay


A Purr of Support and Resistance

Isabella works a full-time job in the evenings, but spends several hours a day improving her investment portfolio trading in Forex. She says that her cat, Snowball, can read her mood so well that he knows when she is worried about a trade going bad or when she is intensely looking over charts.

Isabella says that Snowball often sits and watches the screen with her as if he is making his own analysis and he gets more curious if price dot on the market screen starts jumping around a lot.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

According to Isabella, Snowball also knows when market events are stressing her out and he will jump down off the desk to rub against her leg to reassure her. She says that Snowball is her quiet support that helps her balance work, trading, and life in general.


Getting Paws on the Action

Farel is a university student that trades in his spare time. Introduced to trading by his older brother who now works as a broker, he has now been trading since starting at the university. He is a huge fan of cats as his family has several, but he brought his best bud with him when he went away to study.

Farel says he just chills with his cat, Tom, while he is watching several of his favorite currency pairs on the computer. He says it keeps him relaxed while he is deciding when to place a trade. “Tom always seems to be close when I’m about to open or close a position. It’s like he senses the change in the energy of the room and wants to be near the action.”

Image by Hanne Hasu from Pixabay


Loyalty Has Its Rewards

As your working your way to financial independence, here is something to think about when it comes to your lovable little kitty who is always there for you. Perhaps, your kitty has been reading up on pet inheritances and wants to make a favorable impression on you.

Here are two examples of cats that truly live in the lap of luxury even after their human companions had passed on.

  • Tommaso was cruising the streets of Rome looking for a human to adopt when he came upon Maria Assunta. Assunta was the widow of an extremely successful Italian real estate investor. She and Tommaso became great friends and he lived with the wealthy widow until her death in 2011. Tommaso was such a loyal cat companion for Assunta that she left him $13 million USD in her will to provide for his future. He certainly is continuing to live in the lap of luxury.
  • Blackie was the longtime companion of ultra-successful antique dealer, Ben Rea, of Great Britain. Blackie was the last of 15 cats that Rea had housed until he died in 1988. The reclusive Rea shocked the nation when he left nearly all of his estate to Blackie and a few cat charitable organizations. The total sum of Blackie’s inheritance – $12.5 million USD.

Keep this in mind while your cat is helping to make your millions.

Happy World Cat Day! We wish you all the best in reaching your financial and personal targets. We sincerely wish to be part of your continued success.

Image by Gerhild Klinkow from Pixabay
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