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Fundamental Analysis

Educate yourself about economic factors that influence the market to understand what makes trading instrument prices go up and down. Learn how to read the market news, trade on economic events, and apply various types of fundamental analysis to your benefit.

More about Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is method traders and investors use to predict the value of various assets, such as shares of companies, cryptocurrencies, raw materials, or currencies. In comparison with technical analysis, fundamental analysis is about external and internal global factors that directly impact the value of assets.

In this Official Olymp Trade Blog’s subsection, you will find all the necessary info about fundamental analysis in trading. It will help you to identify medium-term and long-term economic trends and use this knowledge to develop an optimal strategy for one or a group of assets.

What other questions do the fundamental analysis training material address?

  • How to use it to predict the changes in assets’ value?
  • What is essential to keep an eye on apart from companies earning reports and data on inflation?
  • What is more effective, technical or fundamental analysis (spoiler: both)?

That’s not the complete list. So, keep an eye on this section of the Official Olymp Trade Blog to master fundamental analysis, level up your trading experience, and increase profit.

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